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Free Fire : More Collaboration or Rumor ! Free Fire x Date A Live, Will it Happen?

Free Fire x Date A Live

Collaboration of Free Fire x Date A Live, Will it officially happen? Again, new news coming from the game Free Fire, which in December has provided a lot of good news. Free Fire from Garena has just included its latest patch update a few days ago, and it has also held a big event. The Operation Chrono event also introduces a character who collaborates with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Free Fire x Date A Live

Not only that, this game is known to have done a lot of collaborations with well-known anime, such as One Punch Man and Demon Slayers. With this collaboration, Free Fire makes a lot of players from all over the world very excited, and there are rumors that this game will collaborate again with another anime.

Free Fire x Date a Live!

Free Fire x Date A Live

This information was found by a user on the Facebook group Date A Bullet Fans Club Official. He found an image (pictured above) that is suspected of being the official collaborative artwork, as well as an official statement from Kadokawa as the license holder for Date A Live.

Date A Live is a light novel series created by Koshi Tachibana with illustrations from a game called Neptunia. Date A Live is a Japanese series that has been successfully made in many versions, anime, manga, even video games.

Once again, Garena chose a collaboration with an anime that is quite big in name, even though it is still a rumor.

In translating the statement, it is rumored that there will be a collaboration with Free Fire along with the upcoming Date A Live Season 4. It is still unknown whether the rumors of this collaboration actually happened or not, and if it does happen, it is not certain whether it is for the entire server or not.

So keep waiting for the news, hopefully this collaboration will actually happen and be inaugurated by Garena.