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4 Best Free Simulation Games You Should Play in 2021

Free Simulation

Free Simulation

The emulator is extremely popular and we see quite a few releases into the market quite often. However, finding free simulation games is a bit tricky. However, we’ve managed to pick out a few emulator titles that we think are worth checking out today, which won’t cost you anything but your time.

World of Warships

Although this is a free simulation video game, it is not strictly a simulation game where you will be in control of a warship. Here players are diving into a naval battle game with more than 350 ships. 

As a naval combat game, the player will control a ship, in which case you will have to adventure across the open sea trying to sink opposing players. All ships are built to be exact with their historic counterparts, so you’ll see ships that would have been used in World War I along with World War II.

Likewise, these ships will operate realistically so the weapons embedded in the way they work will hopefully provide some ideal simulation fun. Not to mention, as you progress through the game, there are options to give more customizations to those ships including different camouflages, flags, and ship modules. 

Unfortunately, not all ships are available as there are several packages that players can purchase separately. For example, the Anshan, a ship connected to the Soviet frigate Gnevny armed with a 130 mm cannon and torpedoes will cost you about $25.

War Thunder – free simulation

This will be the last vehicle simulation here but we can’t help but mention War Thunder. Again, there are plenty of simulation games that come at a price, so if you want a flight simulator, the selection is slim for free alternatives. With that said, yes War Thunder is a military fighting game featuring naval ships, helicopters, tanks, and planes.

On this point, we wanted to highlight the aircraft because the previous two points were reserved for a specific type of combat vehicle. Similar to the previous two points made, this is a game with a variety of realistic aircraft for the player to control. Meanwhile, the title focuses on an MMO fighting game, so players will be able to soar through the sky using large planes suitable for war and fight against others. in some skirmishes.

World of Tanks – free simulation

Once again coming from World of Warships, you probably already have a good idea of ​​what World of Tanks has to offer. The game has been around for a few years as players have to engage in various skirmishes with other players on a variety of tanks. Like World of Warships, World of Tanks offers players a wide range of different style tanks that can really react to their actual opponents.

It’s a fun game but unfortunately, it’s not quite a simulation game. Here, you will have to fight with other players or AI. There are a number of different game modes that will limit the number of tanks you can play with. However, as a completely free title with in-game content purchase options, it’s a game that won’t hurt players to try it out today.

Office Management 101

Finally, there’s an upcoming free simulation indie title called Office Management 101, but it’s currently in an alpha demo via Itch.io. This is an isometric business simulator where you will build a company and try to make a profit.

However, doing so means designing your office, hiring, upgrading, and maintaining productivity so that at the end of the day you’ll bring in enough money to stay competitive. As mentioned, this is a game still in development with no word on when we can expect this title to hit the Steam market. However, if you’d like to try the alpha version, it’s available now.