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FreeFire: The Cool Things in December 2020 Updates!


Surely you are wondering what’s new after FreeFire made an update in December 2020? Here’s the explanation guys! There are several new things and changes in the FreeFire after updating. Surely you are curious? So, What’s new?

For those of you who are already curious about what’s new after the December 2020 update, let’s take a look at the following details!

Clash Squad Ranked Season 4


The new thing after last December’s update, of course, is the changing of Clash Squad Ranked Season 4. That means it’s time for you to push again. If you manage to reach a minimum rank Gold III in this mode, then you can get a prize in the form of a free Golden P90 skin!

Akimbo Vector – FreeFire


Furthermore, you can use Akimbo Vector or Dual Vector after the last December update. Of course, this weapon will become a META this season. 

M82B Nerf 

Next, there is a Nerf or a reduction in the M82B weapon. This is because this weapon is very strong. So in this update, Garena made this weapon difficult to find on any map. Of course it will make the game fairer too.

M4A1 Weapon Buff – FreeFire


If we discussed the Nerf earlier, it would be incomplete if we didn’t discuss the Buff. Well, in this season M4A1 gets a Buff!

In order for this weapon to be able to compete with other weapons, Buff is needed. You can check the details below.

Damage: 28 -> 29

Rate of Fire: + 5%

Effective Range: + 12.5%

Max Recoil: -14%

P90 Weapon Buff

Apart from M4A1, it turns out that there are still some weapons that get a Buff, namely P90. You can see the details below!

Damage: 23 -> 24

Recoil: -11%

Advanced Weapons – FreeFire


After the update, Advanced Attachments will be replaced with Advanced weapons that already have Gold Attachments without needing to boot.

Training Grounds Update

Next, there is a Training Ground update. At the new Training Ground you can find fireworks, a day-night system, and a music arcade.

Electric Surfboard Nerf – FreeFire


In the last sequence, there is a Nerf for Electric Surfboard. This item is slightly nerfed by reducing speed and adding cooldown.