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French Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips

French Civilization

There are many different civilizations to choose from in the Age of Empires IV. Each civilization plays slightly differently and can be used to serve your strategic goals. If you’re new to the Age of Empires series, the French civilization is a great one to start with and very easy to learn.

The French Civilization Bonuses

  • Output faster villagers and scouts per age (10%, 15%, 20%, 20%)
  • Economic technology 30% cheaper
  • 25-Wood Cheaper Resource Drop Buildings
  • Trade posts are displayed on the minimap at the start of the game.
  • Traders can return resources to the market
  • Free researched melee damage technologies
  • Trade Ship returns 20% more gold
French Civilization

The rewards of this civilization are all about resource production. These abilities mean you’ll want to spend most of your time harvesting resources and building traders. You’ll want to use these resources to build defenses to protect your Villagers. 

It will be easier for the French to win the Landmark, so you should prioritize building the Landmark. That doesn’t mean you should neglect your army. Building a Landmark will attract a lot of attention from the enemy. Therefore you will have to defend it with smart defenses and a well-organized army.

The French Civilization Military Units

  • Royal Knight: Get bonus in three seconds after completing one charge
  • Arbal├ętrier: Deploy a defense that provides five ranged armor for 30 seconds
  • Galleass: Large War Gallery with front-mounted long-range bombardment
French Civilization

One of the most effective strategies for your defense against the French civilization is to build a Keep as soon as possible. You can then build an Archery Range around the Keep to make archers 20% faster. Having a strong Archery component to your army is crucial to maintaining your defensive perimeter. Just make sure there are wooden or stone walls that prevent your enemies from rushing straight at them.

The French Throughout The Ages

Age One

The French are a Civilization that prioritizes resources. So the first age of French will be a lot easier for you. Focus on trying to build resource-dropping buildings and use your scout to find future resources.

Age Two

Build a chamber of commerce and start building countless merchants. You’ll want to keep building more resources and start making trade routes. This is also a great time to start building your army and defensive walls. You will probably soon see an enemy attack and you will want to be ready for it.

Age Three

French Civilization

By this point, you should have a resource supply chain and a solid fence around your Village. Now you will want to build the Royal Institute to start unlocking all the unique French civilization technology. The philosophy behind this era is to make your units better with upgrades. Additionally, you’ll want to build stone walls around your Village and fortify them with archers and stone towers.

Age Four

The fourth age of French is when you will focus on upgrading your army. You will most likely soon be attacked by all the strength of your opponent, make sure you are ready to receive them. Build the Artillery College to build gunpowder units. Mix these units with your artillery and start organizing your defenses. 

If you haven’t started building stone walls, quickly create some around the Village and where you will build your Landmark. After you’ve prepared as much as you can, start building your Landmark. Now you need to focus on protecting the Landmark and maintaining a strategic troop formation.