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Frostpunk Guide – Essential Tips And Tricks For Newbies


More than two years after its release, the game Frosty City Building Frostpunk Building is still holding. Like the town, it depicts, the game pushes forward with continued updates and even console versions. While DLC support has officially ended, we suspect we won’t hear a final freeze for a while. 

Gathering Posts

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who didn’t bother with collecting posts during the first few stages of Frostpunk. Why bother spending time and effort building this Cruddy building with a limited radius when you can gather all the resources around you instantly and for free?


At the start of the game, you will have a resource set to spread around your generator. Suppose in a place you have two coal stakes and one wood. You want all of them because coal = life and wood = buildings = life. To maximize output you will need to put 45 of your precious people to work. If you’re working on the first scenario, it’s more than half of your 80-person workforce gone.

Now – let’s put down a set exercise. It only requires 10 people to gather everything there, they will work in warmer conditions and they will do it faster.

Scout Early – Frostpunk

With a decisive population deficit in the frozen North these days due to certain events that I won’t spoil, there’s a lot going on.

Frostpunk 2

Those free stuff will save you. As soon as you can send an expedition, do it. If you have time to study the second study group, do it. There’s no better investment you can make than having five guys with skateboards go and look things up. They will find food, resources, automatons, and even an outpost or two.

The amount of things you can get on the road is ridiculous. The sooner you start doing it, the easier it will be, also, if you’re wondering about outposts: just get them. If you build one in an old coal mine, you can say goodbye to all your coal-related worries, they’re good.

Research Workshops 

We never settle for a workshop in Frostpunk. We will often have five into a scenario. Let’s be frank that additional seminars only incrementally increase your research.

Frostpunk 1

You will be lucky to boost 150% efficiency from a 100% base with only a single workshop. Even so, for us, it was enough. The benefits go beyond the speed of research. It can often be if you’re in a lull where the weather hasn’t turned bad and everything will be fine when you end up with a large number of medical buildings with nothing to do.

Engineers are precious – put them in those workshops and make their research when things start to go wrong again. If you need Outposts Medical Open – it won’t hurt too much to move engineers back to PhD again. You’ve got limited manpower, use it well.

Alternative Energy – Frostpunk

It’s tempting to be conservative with your resource gathering. After all, why change if everything is going well? While generic and similar coal mines do what they say on the tin, you’ll often find yourself wanting more – especially late in the games, it’s entirely possible that objectives require much more resources than you need for yourself.


This is where the Menagerie of alternatives comes in, the top of the list is a wall drill, if you can get one, build it, the lost steam core is worth an unlimited supply of wood.

Are there mountains of manpower that you don’t know what to do with in Frostpunk? Build a coal thumper. The two posts gathered next to it will ensure a ridiculous amount of coal is collected for you and ensure that there are no idle hands to worry about. One thing we would be cautious about however is the brazier. If you have too much wood – great, but it has a habit of hoovering up all your wood while you are distracted.