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FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy Prediction – WePlay – 07/29

FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy prediction

FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy prediction

FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy prediction on July 29, 2021. The match is a reverse final match between FURIA Academy and VP.Prodigy when they are sharing the last 2 places on the WePlay Academy League 2021 rankings. The gap is only 1 victory, so both FURIA Academy and VP.Prodigy Both will be eager to improve their rankings, at least against their direct opponents, and thereby get out of the danger zone before it’s too late.

VP.Prodigy Overview

At this time, while FURIA Academy is playing very badly when receiving 7 consecutive losses. Then  VP.Prodigy is having revivals when they defeated both Young Ninjas as well as the recent Fnatic Rising. Continuing the excitement, they will have the confidence to face FURIA Academy, and as long as they play properly, defeating an opponent who is in a catastrophic decline is completely within reach.

FURIA Academy Overview

Although it is ranked 134 in the world, 23 places higher than VP.Prodigy, it is clear that FURIA Academy is playing very badly and cannot get any victory in the past few days. This sporadic play will surely make them continue to struggle in the upcoming match against  VP.Prodigy. 

In the previous meeting, FURIA Academy also lost to VP.Prodigy with a score of 14-16 on the map Vertigo. Since then, they have not had a win and if they keep playing as they are now, indeed FURIA Academy deserves to be in the danger zone, not VP.Prodigy who is making strong efforts to rise.

FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy prediction

Although it is much worse than FURIA Academy in terms of win rate in competitive maps, in return, VP.Prodigy has made progress in the past 2 victories. Meeting many strong opponents, but VP.Prodigy was not afraid and even defeated the teams that were at the top. 

This gives them confidence and enters this bo1 with FURIA Academy with the utmost determination. In contrast, FURIA Academy is very worried after a series of disappointing achievements. The pressure will make them gradually make mistakes and then be unable to regain their face in front of VP.Prodigy even though they have a lot of exam experience much better than the opponent. 

Pistol round can see the skills of FURIA Academy members. But in our opinion, that is all they can do because VP.Prodigy just needs to eco and save the gun for the next 1-2 rounds. It will be able to reverse the situation without any difficulty. The sublimation in each individual, as well as the movement, makes FURIA Academy a surprise. 

VP.Prodigy controls the bombsites very well, although it is inevitable that individual mistakes will be made, but at least they are on the right track and will get important key rounds from the hands of FURIA Academy. 

FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy bet prediction

FURIA Academy vs VP.Prodigy match score prediction: 0 – 1

Handicap bet

Game 1: FURIA Academy 10 – 16 VP.Prodigy (Choose VP.Prodigy – Under)

First 5 rounds win:

Game 1: VP.Prodigy


FURIA Academy: zmb, piriaz1n, drop, ninjaZ, decenty

VP.Prodigy: RuFire, cheerful, BloodyK, r3salt, lom1k