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FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction – ESL Pro League – 04/02

FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction

FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction

FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction on April 02, 2021. Having enjoyed a very good start with three consecutive victories against Natus Vincere, MIBR, and TeamOne but the FURIA players could not maintain this unbeaten form in the last two matches.

FURIA Overview

Having lost the last two games of the group stage against Cloud9 and Gambit, FURIA only managed to secure second place in Group C to advance to the playoffs. Although a little bit out of hand in the final matches of the group stage, in general, FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction expert rated FURIA’s strength in this ESL Pro League Season 13 tournament is very good. They just need to try to play more carefully as well as limit unnecessary mistakes, the chance to go deep in this playoffs is very bright.

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FunPlus Phoenix Overview

FunPlus Phoenix had a surprising performance in the final group stage matches. Successfully defeating two main competitors, OG and BIG, FunPlus Phoenix rose to third place on the chart and got a ticket to the playoffs. FunPlus Phoenix’s difficulty has just officially begun, the opponents in this playoffs all have much better performance than them.

If you want to go further in this round, FunPlus Phoenix needs to research your opponent carefully and try to find the most advantage from the pick phase. Inferno and Train are two maps that FunPlus Phoenix is ​​familiar with and has the highest win rate. The FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction expert thinks they should try to pick at least one of these two maps to improve their chances of winning.

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FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction

It can be seen that in this confrontation, FURIA is a much more appreciated team than FunPlus Phoenix. Basically, the strength and experience of FURIA are more outstanding than FunPlus Phoenix.

Even though the FunPlus Phoenix players have just exploded in the group stage, but the expert still does not appreciate their win in this match. Surely the players of FURIA will get more attention on FunPlus Phoenix after their surprise victory over the top opponents in the group stage. Just playing carefully and locking the chances to take advantage of FunPlus Phoenix from the pick and ban phase, FURIA’s win is very positive.

FunPlus Phoenix is ​​often difficult to prepare because the group is not complicated. Here, however, Brazilians will play as they please, so it will be interesting to see FURIA in this style.

However, FunPlus Phoenix has enough problems to eliminate the team as bystanders. For example, the poor health of one of the leaders can become a big problem on the server. In general, Brazilians are personally stronger. Hence, here I propose to bet on the FURIA team’s victory.

FURIA vs FunPlus Phoenix result prediction

Total Score

  • Map1: FURIA
  • Map2: FunPlus Phoenix
  • Map3: FURIA
  • Total score 2-1

Total Rounds

  • Map1: FURIA 16-11 FunPlus Phoenix
  • Map2: FURIA 12-16 FunPlus Phoenix
  • Map3: FURIA 16-12 FunPlus Phoenix

Pistol Round Winner

  • Map1: FURIA
  • Map2: FunPlus Phoenix
  • Map3: FunPlus Phoenix

First 5 Rounds Winner

  • Map1: FURIA
  • Map2: FunPlus Phoenix
  • Map3: FURIA


  • FURIA: arT, yuurih, VINI, junior, KSCERATO
  • FunPlus Phoenix: zehN, suNny, STYKO, Maden, Farlig