July 27, 2021


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G2 – The Favorite to Win 2021 LEC Spring


The action of the European League of Legends returns on January 22, after a short period of downtime due to the offseason, and things are already looking worrying for anyone not named G2


The offseason means transfers and roster shuffles for those who don’t follow the League too much, and G2 is definitely on top this year. The European champions secured a superstar signing and made their dream team even stronger somehow.

Who is Playing in 2021 LEC Spring? 

LEC fans will be pleased to hear that there have been no major changes to the organization, and we’ll still see the same 10 teams competing in 2021. There is a small adjustment, as Origen rebranded to Astralis, but it remains the same organization under the hood.

The biggest changes this year come in the form of roster movements. Every team has seen at least one player change and we’re going to break down the most important ones below. However, whatever team you’re a fan of, you’ll probably still recognize them, with just a few fresh faces.

No changes to the usual LEC format have been made at present, although other regions have seen their Spring Seasons extended to 10 weeks, so the LEC may very well be the same.

G2 With Bolstered Roster Looks to Dominate

More than ever before, G2 is definitely the team to watch in the LEC this season. At the start of the offseason, the team completed one of the largest roster moves ever, signing the star bot laner Rekkles of Fnatic while sending Perkz to Cloud9 in the LCS.

For most fans, this was mind-blowing and it seems to have essentially put the league in the hands of G2.

G2 and Fnatic have had a fierce rivalry for the past two years, with G2 winning four seasons in a row while meeting Fnatic three times in the finals. Fnatic seemed to be the only team that could stop the LEC titans, but the underdogs have only gotten weaker now with Rekkles moving to G2, while the favorites have further improved.

Even if they throw in their usual “relaxed” style of play, it would not be surprising to see G2 put on a display of force in the Spring Season and go undefeated.