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Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/18

Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration prediction

Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration prediction

Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration prediction on September 18, 2021. As a team with a rich and diverse champion pool, of course, Execration will take advantage of the ban/pick phase. Even this team’s jungler Tino has a hero pool ratio of up to 100%.

Galaxy Racer Esports Overview

With less competition than other teams, Galaxy Racer Esports will have to compete in this round. Their opponent in the next match is Execration who often sows sorrow for Galaxy Racer Esports. Statistics show that the last 5 times they met Galaxy Racer Esports only won 1 victory. The rest received 4 losses, so experts think this will be a difficult match for Galaxy Racer Esports.

Execration Overview

Execration is still maintaining a position in the top 4, they understand that with just one mistake. They can completely fall out of this position when a place is definitely belonging to Team SMG. 

Even so, Execration has always shown themselves as a team with extremely annoying gameplay, just having a 12-match unbeaten streak is enough to understand the strength of this team. Despite being the underrated team in the Galaxy Racer Esports confrontation. Experts believe that Execration will bring at least a draw in the next rematch.

Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration prediction

In fact, Galaxy Racer Esports with a limited pool of champions will be the target of opponents during bans. Especially inYourdreaM’s jungle position, which only has a hero pool rate of 57%. However, the safe lane of Galaxy Racer Esports is still being evaluated slightly better than the opponent. 

The two sp players of this team are considered to be extremely strong, forming a solid base for inYourdreaM. However, it is not easy to open the early wings of 666 offlane players on Execration’s side. This player has very good lane defense and impressive overall combat ability.

However, if they want to bring back at least 1 game win in this match, the only way is for Execration to step up the fight early. Galaxy Racer Esports shows they are extremely dangerous in the late game. To do this, perhaps Execration will choose a series of generals capable of shock damage, as well as tanker generals with good combat ability. 

Putting resources on Tino is almost certain, but to do this, Execration must protect them very well in the laning phase. Of course, this strategy is also somewhat risky, because Galaxy Racer Esports is also in very good form. So they can counter gank depending on the situation.

Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration bet prediction

Galaxy Racer Esports vs Execration total score prediction:

  • Execration 0 – 1 Galaxy Racer Esports
  • Execration 1 – 0 Galaxy Racer Esports

Total score 1-1

Handicap bet (Execration is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Execration

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Execration
  • Game 2: Galaxy Racer Esports

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Galaxy Racer Esports 39-27 Execration (Over)
  • Game 2: Galaxy Racer Esports 18-34 Execraiton (Under)


Galaxy Racer Esports: inYourdreaM, Poloson, AlaCrity,  Meracle, Jhocam

Execration: Tino, Rr, Bob,  666, BDz