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Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/18

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust Prediction

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust Prediction

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust prediction on September 18, 2021. There won’t be much of a difference in the ban/pick phase in this match. These two teams have the same champion pool as each other. The early kill of this match is also predicted to be equally divided for each team in the 2 games when the carry positions all have strong laning abilities.

Galaxy Racer Esports Overview

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust Prediction

Galaxy Racer Esports, although competing later, they are the team that owns almost the best convincing performance, having only played 5 matches. But this team brought 3 victories and only 1 loss to occupy a first place by Motavade.Trust Gaming. 

Currently, Galaxy Racer Esports owns a series of 3 consecutive wins. But those are just victories against opponents that are underpowered or out of motivation. When it comes to equal or annoying opponents, they often don’t get the best results. Such as the loss of BOOM Esports and the draw of Dream Maker.

Motivade.Trust Overview

Motivade.Trust Gaming is also in the same situation as Galaxy Racer Esports. They also finished well when facing the bottom opponents but could not win against the top opponents. Typically, two defeats against Team SMG as well as BOOM Esports, or the draw against Yangon Galacticos. In the last four encounters, both sides brought back 1 win for each side. The rest were 2 draws, experts estimate a draw will continue in this rematch.

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust prediction

Looking at the stats in all 3 lanes, Motivade.Trust Gaming is the better one. But not so much that it can crush the opponent at the beginning. That makes this match expected to be tense and has a tug-of-war. There will be two-lane turret exchanges when the safe lanes of each side have quality names.

Motivade.Trust Gaming’s offlane position is said to be better than the opponent’s in the mid-game. Masaros has a fairly rich champion pool as well as strong lane ability and teamfights. However, compared to the experience at the end of the game, this guy is inferior to Meracle, similar to the mid-lane of Galaxy Racer Esports. 

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust Prediction

So it can be said that if the game lasts, the new Galaxy Racer Esports is the brightest team to win more. The position of the two games is predicted as follows when Motivade.Trust Gaming masters the game and wins quickly with the early fighting force. 

However, Galaxy Racer Esports will actively defend and hold the soldier’s farm tower. They wait for the moment to flip the bet at the end of the match with the Roshan dispute. With two different strategies like this, there is a high probability that each team will succeed in a game. It makes the final prediction for the score in this match to be 1-1 divided equally between each team.

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust bet prediction

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Galaxy Racer 0 – 1 Motivade.Trust 
  • Game 2: Galaxy Racer 1 – 0 Motivade.Trust 

Total score 1-1

Handicap bet (Galaxy Racer Esports is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Galaxy Racer Esports

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Motivade.Trust Gaming
  • Game 2: Galaxy Racer Esports

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Galaxy Racer Esports 20-31 Motivade.Trust Gaming (Under)
  • Game 2: Galaxy Racer Esports 37-25 Motivade.Trust Gaming (Over)


Galaxy Racer Esports: inYourdreaM, Poloson, AlaCrity,  Meracle, Jhocam

Motivade.Trust Gaming: JaCkkY,  Masaros, Boombell, Fearless, Q