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Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/12

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust prediction

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust prediction

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust prediction on September 12, 2021. Basically, Galaxy Racer Esports owns a not-bad squad. They have experienced players like inYourdreaM or Meracle. However, the champion pool of this team is quite limited, this is a weakness Motivade.Trust Gaming can take advantage of right at the ban/pick stage.

Galaxy Racer Overview

The performance of Galaxy Racer Esports continues to decline at BTS Pro Series. Despite being placed on the same platter as regional rivals. But they seem to have failed to meet fans’ expectations. 

Up to this point, they have only brought home 1 draw, the rest is 1 loss after the last 2 matches. If the loss against BOOM Esports can be understood, the draws against inferior opponents like Dream Maker are difficult to accept. Therefore, if they lose against Motivade.Trust Gaming, it is not too surprising.

Motivade.Trust Overview

Motivade.Trust Gaming is still firmly in 3rd place on the standings, they brought 2 wins and 1 loss up to now. It can be seen that the strength of Motivade.Trust Gaming is not comparable to the typical top teams such as the 0-2 loss to BOOM Esports. 

But they neatly dealt with the underdogs like the previous victory. Army Geniuses or POLARIS GAMING. In front of an opponent that is having many problems like Galaxy Racer Esports. It can be trusted that Motivade.Trust Gaming will overcome without much difficulty.

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust prediction

In Motivade.Trust Gaming’s lineup, there are names that are later, especially the position of Masaros in the single lane that can buy a lot of time for his teammates. Most importantly, the two SPs of Galaxy Racer Esports did not show certainty. Neither Poloson nor Jhocam showed that they were sure enough as well as experienced in the late game.

Their contributions in teamfights, as well as their defensive ability, are inferior to their colleagues on the other side of the front line. So by the mid-game when Motivade.Trust Gaming starts to have items. A JaCkkY when he has an item will match with Fearless to become a very powerful couple. 

Plus the remaining 3 players have good resistance, the opportunity to discharge damage into the opponent’s squad is clearer. Motivade.Trust Gaming’s champions also show that they are more prone to late-game picks. Plusing the addition of many options to support total combat. With a stable performance like last time, experts believe that Motivade.Trust Gaming will win 2-0.

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust bet prediction

Galaxy Racer vs Motivade.Trust total score prediction:

  • Galaxy Racer 0 – 1 Motivade.Trust 
  • Galaxy Racer 0 – 1 Motivade.Trust 

Total score 0-2

Handicap bet (Motivade.Trust is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Motivade.Trust 

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Galaxy Racer 
  • Game 2: Motivade.Trust 

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Galaxy Racer 19 – 34 Motivade.Trust (Over)
  • Game 2: Galaxy Racer 22 – 37 Motivade.Trust (Over)


Galaxy Racer Esports: inYourdreaM,   Poloson, AlaCrity,  Meracle, Jhocam

Motivade.Trust Gaming: JaCkkY, Boombell, Fearless,  Masaros, Q