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Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3: GAM balances score with Flash team

Gam vs OPG result week 6 - day 3 in the first match

Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 – GAM vs OPG is one of the matches that attracted a lot of attention from the audience during the VCS Summer 2020 season this year. We will review the highlights in the game together and the final results of the match in this article.

Gam vs OPG result week 6 - day 3
Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3


GAM used a two gunner tactic with Dia1’s Lucian and Jisoo’s Aphelios, whose squad was capable of strong snowballing in the early game, especially in the top half of the map. Meanwhile, OPG’s squad is in the late game with Ryze and Senna, along with a lot of strong fighting skills.

Dia1 solo kill successfully PHT in the mid lane to get the first victory of the game, but soon DK also appeared and removed the kills for his team. In the top lane, with a slightly better physique with the help of Levi, Kiaya easily takes advantage and rolls the snowball very hard. OPG takes advantage of that and eats the first dragon of the game. In the 12th minute, after getting the top post, Levi moved down to hit the bottom half of the map and ate the second dragon. In the following minutes, the two teams were mostly concentrated in the mid lane through which the wings were left open to allow Jisoo and Simon to accumulate resources.

Gam vs OPG result week 6 - day 3 in the first match
Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 in the first match

20 minutes, PHT and Simon aimed Dia1 after a careless move of Lucian. However, the mid laner of GAM still escaped successfully and OPG had to pay with 4 kills. 2 minutes later, GAM wiped out OPG’s squad with a high-quality damage release from Jisoo, the baron was also eaten immediately. Taking advantage of charms, the members of GAM easily flooded in and destroyed the project before the opponent’s helplessness. The game ended in the 26th minute with a fairly easy win for Levi and his teammates.

Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 in the first match has 1 – 0


OPG chose a team capable of strong snowballing on the top half of the map with Renekton, Lee Sin, and Ryze. Their opponents, GAM, have a strong poke formation with Karma, Ashe, and Pantheon, besides being stronger in teamfights and a variety of strategies for opening fights from long range.

The members of GAM focused heavily on the mid lane at the beginning of the match, both Levi and Slay were constantly moving to create many difficulties and causing Ryze of PHT to lie down. However, the members of GAM also made mistakes after that, and DK and his teammates used very well and got the kill points and a fire dragon. The battle between the two teams took place in the next few minutes and OPG was the temporary team to rise up with the successful achievement of goals such as turrets and dragons, while GAM removed them with skill points.

Gam vs OPG result week 6 - day 3 in the second match
Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 in the second match

In the 16th minute, GAM failed in the fighting phase, the Rift Herald, Dia1 and Slay were two people who had to lie down. The two sources of OPG damage in the later period are Ryze and Ezreal that promote extremely good strength. They deploy to impose the posture and get all the big goals. In the 24th minute, GAM succeeded in capturing Vit, however, they paid a super expensive price when they were wiped out and lost the baron to the opponent. Soon Levi also failed to dispute the dragon and let OPG gain the water dragon’s soul. Taking advantage of charms, DK, and teammates deployed to destroy the opponent’s works. The members of GAM tried so hard but couldn’t help watching the opponent destroy their main house. 

Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 in the second match has 1 – 1

THE THIRD MATCH – Gam vs OPG result week 6

GAM used a team of two ADCs with Dia1’s Lucian and Easylove’s Ashe, their squad was strong in the end with a lot of hard control and was able to open fights from afar. Meanwhile, OPG continues to choose a squad with the upper half capable of rolling strong snowball with Volibear, Nidalee, and Ryze.

GAM was the advantage team at the beginning when it was constantly exploiting the position of PHT in the mid lane. They were also the team that had the first dragon of the game. However, GAM once again made fatal mistakes in the top lane and let Simon’s Volibear become extremely strong with a lot of kills. The game was in favor of OPG minutes later and GAM was just more than the only dragon opponent.

In the 19th minute, GAM won the fight in the dragon cave with beautiful use of Levi’s ultimate, the third dragon continued to belong to them. Kiaya’s Wukong gets two kills after a teamfight in the bot lane and gradually becomes a major threat to the members of OPG, the amount of money is gradually balanced between the two teams. After 24 minutes, OPG successfully kept the 4th dragon of the game, but they paid the price when the opponent wiped out the entire team from the perfect combination of Wukong and Gragas, and shortly afterward OPG also I lost the baron. After that, Levi’s efforts in the fight in the top lane could not help GAM win the lack of people. In the 30th minute, Levi successfully ate the 4th dragon for his team, shortly after GAM destroyed the opponent’s line-up and the only OPG member running was Zin.

Gam vs OPG result week 6 - day 3 in the third match
Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 in the third match

Gam vs OPG result week 6 – day 3 in the first match has 2 – 1