July 27, 2021


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GAM vs SGB Result 2/8: Easily defeating SGB, GAM returns to the top of the table

GAM vs SGB Result 2/8

GAM vs SGB Result 2/8

GAM vs SGB Result 2/8 – The confrontation between GAM vs SGB belongs to the second match of Week 7, Day 3 of VCS Summer 2020. This is one of the last matches of the 7th week of the tournament. It is also one of the matches that many fans of the League of Legends look forward to.

GAM vs SGB Result 2/8
GAM vs SGB Result 2/8


  • GAM: Kiaya – Levi – Dia1 / Genza – Easylove / Jisoo – Slay.
  • SGB: Hasmed – Meliodas / Kuroko – Froggy – Style – Hinn.


GAM chose a strong snowballing team on the top half of the map with Renekton, Gragas, and Syndra. Meanwhile, the SGB squad is heading towards the end of the match with Ornn and Ezreal, besides they have a lot of tactics to open a strong teamfight and dominate the area.

Choose the champions stage of GAM vs SGB in round 1
Choose the champions stage of GAM vs SGB in round 1

The first victory is quite simple to Levi after a situation where Meliodas made a mistake in the area of ​​her red charm. In the ensuing fight in the top lane, GAM was the team that had an advantage with two kills for Dia1. All three of their lines are slightly better than the opponent. On the other hand, SGB’s information processing seems to be in trouble, causing them to repeatedly make unnecessary mistakes. In the 8th minute, SGB won the fight in the dragon cave with 3 kills, then they got the first dragon of the match. In the 10th minute, Levi and Dia1 gathered on the top lane. Kiaya released the Rift Herald and got a top tower with two killings of Hasmed and Jad.

GAM vs SGB Highlights VCS Summer Season 2020 W7D3 round 1
GAM vs SGB Highlights VCS Summer Season 2020 W7D3 round 1

The middle of the match was a battle between the two teams. The target or teamfight phase ends with the advantage divided equally for both. While the SGB focused on the dragons below the map, GAM Esports went on to get the second messenger and open the opponent’s mid lane. In the 21st minute, Meliodas successfully seized the land dragon before the members of the GAM, however, the Red Buffaloes were wiped out immediately by the opponent, and then lost the baron. With the buff on his body, GAM split up causing pressure on all three platforms of the opponent. 29 minutes, GAM wipe out the opponent again after a fight began near the baron cave, the difference between the two teams is more than 10k gold. Two minutes later, GAM won the final fight and destroyed the opponent’s main house.

 GAM vs SGB Result 2/8 in round 1 has 1 – 0


SGB ​​uses a two-gunner tactic with Style’s Ezreal and Froggy’s mid lane Lucian, especially jungle jungler Sylas will return to Meliodas. Their rival, GAM Esports, has a lineup with extremely many moves that can initiate combat at super long range and control including Malphite, Wukong, Pantheon, and Ashe.

Choose the champions stage
Choose the champions stage of GAM vs SGB in round 2

The first victory went to Easylove after a teamfight in the bottom lane after 5 minutes, but soon a bottom couple of GAM also had to stay with Froggy’s downfall situation. Levi was the one who ate the first dragon of the game. Again, all three of their lines create a gap with the SGB side. Easylove’s Ashe proved to be extremely strong in this game with many situations of crushing the opponent team and getting a lot of early kills. The big goals also belonged to the yellow shirt team after that.

Highlights VCS Summer Season 2020 W7D3 full time
GAM vs SGB Highlights VCS Summer Season 2020 W7D3 full time

In the 18th minute, SGB failed in a fight for a third dragon after having to leave three kills. Immediately after that Levi dropped the Messenger to the bottom lane and took the opponent’s construction. The game tilted towards the yellow team in the next time of the game. 23 minutes, they have the land dragon soul. Just a minute later, GAM defeated four of the opponent and successfully ate the baron. With the difference in strength, GAM members do not have too much difficulty to enter and destroy the opponent’s main house. The second game ended in the 28th minute.

GAM vs SGB Result 2/8 full time has 2 – 0