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GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07: GAM cuts off the winning streak of Team Secret

GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07

GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07

The GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07 – GAM made an impressive comeback in the competition with Team Secret on July 12.

GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07
GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07


Both team’s selections are towards the end of the match. GAM chooses a team that is mostly a handed champion for its members. While Team Secret possesses three very interesting spearheads capable of pushing super-strong, Camille, Syndra, and Tristana.

Despite the preparations, the members of the Secret still can’t stop Levi from eating his blue charm. Volibear actively ate the first water dragon of the game at the 5th minute. In the midway fight in the middle of the 7th minute, the Team Secret members actively advanced to the opponent’s area, but the Austrian players gold quickly gathered up to counterattack, 3 kills were the price that Team Secret had to pay in this fight phase. 

GAM is the team with the network and gold advantage, but Team Secret is the winner in the dragon disputes after the dragon dispute failed in 11 minutes, the members of GAM could not finish the opponent. on the contrary, 4 killers have to be killed.

Both of team is choosing the champions GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07
Both of team is choosing the champions

Team Secret uses Coated Camille to push solo, their wings are stronger than the members of GAM. With the advantage, Coated and Celebrity destroyed GAM‘s team in each teamfight. Team Secret has an earth dragon soul at the 22nd minute. At 24 minutes, 3 members of Team Secret ate very fast the first baron of the game. With the advantage of talismans, they deployed thrust on all three wings. The members of GAM, though trying their best, cannot prevent the opponent from destroying their main house. 

GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07 in the first game has 0 – 1


GAM bans were directed at DNK, but this accidentally left out other strong champions in the meta for Team Secret. GAM’s team has many strong ults to fight hard. Their opponents, Team Secret  responds to the generals who break the opponent’s squad such as Bard, Gragas, and Akali of Artifact put pressure on the weak generals of GAM.

The 2v2 teamfight in the top lane took place on the 3rd minute with the final advantage belonging to GAM with 2 kills belonging to Dia1. Kiaya played quite well with situations that handled very well or neutralized the ganks of DNK and Venus. However, in contrast to the top lane, GAM’s bot lane made huge mistakes, especially Easyheve’s Ashe. Levi was the one who ate the Rift Herald as well as the first dragon of the match. In the following minutes, Team Secret turned his attention to the bottom line instead of Kiaya’s Malphite in the top lane.

GAM made a mistake in the crucial moment GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07
GAM made a mistake in the crucial moment

The two teams are constantly involved in collisions everywhere on the map. Dia1 and Artifact are the two most notable players on each side with lots of kills. In the 19th minute, Team Secret won the fight in the dragon dispute when he defeated 4 opponents, the shining person was Aphelios of Celebrity with the situation of discharging damage between 4 people of GAM. In the 25th minute, there was another fighting situation in the dragon cave, however the winning team this time was GAM, and they quickly ate the first baron of the game. Taking control of the game, GAM deployed to push and destroy the opponent’s works. The match ended in 30 minutes, the score was 1-1.

GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07 in the second round has 1 – 1


Both GAM and Team Secret own a lineup that has quite a lot of similarities. GAM has a lot of control over a wide area for a long time, their squad also has many advantages over the laning phase. Meanwhile, Coated continued to use another top-class fighter, Jax, to fight against Kiaya’s Wukong.

First victory for Coated after a great solo-kill in the top lane. In the early minutes of the match, DNK took control of the upper jungle while Levi focused downwards, the first dragon to be eaten by the GAM jungler. They were also the team that had the first Rift Herald, soon after, a great fight broke out and Team Secret was wiped out unofficially. The situation then was a disaster pillar phase of Team Secret in the bot lane with a double-kill for Slay. The game tilted on the yellow team.

GAM overturned the situation
GAM overturned the situation

Slay with very nice final moves is the most prominent player on the GAM side. Team Secret’s amount of damage is much less than the opponent. In the 23rd minute, with the advantage of the person who successfully entered the baron cave and won the fight, it was followed by the land dragon soul. In the 26th minute, after successfully defeating Coated, members of GAM rushed into destroying the opponent’s main house. The match ended with a final victory for Slay and his teammates.

GAM vs Team Secret result 12/07 in the full time has 2 – 1