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GamerLegion vs forZe Prediction – Champions League – 10/20

GamerLegion vs forZe Prediction

GamerLegion vs forZe prediction on October 20, 2021. Possessing an even squad that has been together for many years. GamerLegion is a team that understands each other quite well. This year they have the appearance of rookie Zero who promises to bring experience when he attends quite a few A- Tier as well as S-Tier.

GamerLegion Overview

GamerLegion vs forZe Prediction

The unlucky draw caused GamerLegion to clash with his rival forZe in the Dreamhack playoff round. The weak ranking of only 42nd on the world rankings is enough to show the difference with this match. GamerLegion is just recovering from a period of catastrophic decline. Their performance is temporarily flat at this point but is losing the last 2 matches. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that GamerLegion will cause a surprise in this match, it will likely still be a quick defeat.

forZe Overview

GamerLegion vs forZe Prediction

The heavy defeat in IEM Fall in the group stage made forZe not even have a chance to enter the knockout round. But they temporarily regained their confidence when they won a small tournament, the Gjirafa50 Masters League. Currently, forZe is also winning 3 in a row and they of course want to prolong the above impressive series. The time has come when they encounter their favorite opponent, GamerLegion, so this will be an overwhelming victory for forZe.

GamerLegion vs forZe Prediction

Despite winning countless championships, the size of GamerLegion only stops at B-Tier tournaments, so this addition is necessary. However, if you expect an immediate change, it probably won’t, at least in this match when facing the opponent forZe.

ForZe’s lineup is still very much on GamerLegion, they have names like Jerry or almazer. FL1T is enough to make a big difference. Moreover, forZe’s squad has been together for too long and has achieved remarkable stability. If it is about mutual understanding, it is definitely more than a GamerLegion that has just added a new rookie. 

GamerLegion vs forZe Prediction

Meanwhile, GamerLegion seems to have problems with maps like Nuke or Overpass when they just shoot and lose recently. Even though they didn’t win too much in Nuke, Overpass is a map that brings many victories for forZe. The most important thing in this match is forZe’s cavalry for GamerLegion. In the last 4 times, this team has won all 4 more matches and ended with a score of 2-0. 

Obviously, the strength of a team in the top 20 in the world is still very different from the opponent. As for GamerLegion, they have not reached the top 40 yet, so there is not much basis for surprise in this match. Another detail is that forZe is regaining confidence when winning 3 in a row. So it is reasonable to end GamerLegion 2-0. Experts also said that with the current performance as well as the past confrontation record. The 2-0 result in favor of forZe is the most accurate.

GamerLegion vs forZe Bet Prediction

GamerLegion vs forZe total score prediction:

  • Game 1: GamerLegion 0-1 forZe
  • Game 2: GamerLegion 0-1 forZe

Total score 0-2 (forZe win the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: forZe
  • Game 2: forZe

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: GamerLegion 7-16 forZe (Under)
  • Game 2: GamerLegion 9-16 forZe (Under)


GamerLegion: RuStY, iM, eraa, Zero, isak

forZe: Jerry, almazer, KENSI, FL1T, zorte