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The Reasons Why Many Gamers Love FromSoftware Games!


Over the last decade, FromSoftware has become known for its innovative game work. The developers have actually been making games for much longer than that. It’s just that their real popularity started to increase when they presented the game Demon’s Souls.

Their popularity continued to rise after they succeeded in presenting the first Dark Souls game to take the world by storm. This company has created new games of such great quality that they are well received by fans.


There are many aspects of FromeSoftware‘s own games that make it loved by fans. We have summarized all these aspects in this article, Let’s take a look below!

Dark Souls Moonlight Greatsword

Being self-referenced is how FromSoftware can recognize favorite aspects of previous games. Among them is by entering armor, weapons, and rings from the previous game. One of the best examples is Moonlight Greatsword, which has appeared in the game Souls, although it is actually from the 1994 game King’s Field.


Freedom – FromSoftware

What many developers need to know is that gamers really like freedom. This is an important aspect that developers should think about first, because this is what will differentiate games from movies, books and other media.

Real Challenge

Games made by FromSoftware are notoriously difficult for us to play. This makes gaming a real challenge. Many players will find it difficult to play games from this developer if they have never previously played one of FromSoftware’s games. Therefore, you can make this a challenge and you must be able to complete the game.


Unpredictable – FromSoftware

Even though the developers have created a sequel to their own game, many fans still guessed wrong. When Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was announced, many initially assumed it would be like Dark Souls but with eastern, not western mythology. But this is wrong, because FromSoftware provides the world of ninja adventures that are much greater with fun gameplay.

Great Audio

Audio is essential for setting the right atmosphere. The right silence, effects and music determine how the player feels. The sound heard by the player will automatically evoke a certain feeling. FromSoftware’s game has very good audio settings. The silence while exploring the cave can build tension and the atmosphere when seeing the beautiful scenery can be relaxing.

Cool Boss

The climax of an adventure game is the boss. Therefore, a cool boss will close the game to be more fun and give its own impression. This game from the developer always presents really cool bosses and makes players want to continue to fight them.