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Top 3 Best Video Games Like Until Dawn To Try

games like Until Dawn

Until Dawn is developed by Supermassive Games and released in 2015. This is a survival horror game with gameplay a bit like an interactive TV series. If you enjoyed the game, here are 20 other video game titles you might also like. Some of these are survival horror games like Until Dawn while others are more cinematic-style experiences with a focus on player action, QTE, and plot-altering hard choices. 

The Wolf Among Us – games like Until Dawn

games like Until Dawn

For the first of games like Until Dawn list, we have The Wolf Among Us, a title that I may not have included here because at the time the sequel was scrapped after Telltale Games closed. However, since the studio has been brought back from the dead with confirmation that a sequel to The Wolf Among Us is in development, players can enjoy this first installment knowing that the storyline will continue. 

It’s not a horror game, but again like some of the previous installments here, it’s a very deep narrative-driven game. With The Wolf Among Us, players are entering a storyline based on the iconic allegory manga.

Here we have a town full of fairy tale characters who now live in the real world. Forced to stay out of the public eye, the town becomes the center of attention when one of the fairy tale characters is murdered. 

Players will now take on the role of Big Bad Wolf and be forced to solve a murder before too much attention is focused on their small makeshift American town. If you’ve played Storytelling before then you know exactly what you’re getting into, as there’s a lot of exploration, dialogue with characters, and QTE.

Little Hope

games like Until Dawn

After the success of Until Dawn, it wasn’t long before Supermassive Games announced The Dark Pictures Anthology. This is set to be a collection of horror video games like Until Dawn, but when Until Dawn is released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, The Dark Pictures Anthology will be made available across multiple platforms.

Again, like Until Dawn, you have a collection of characters that you have control over as you progress through the story. In The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, players will follow a group of five characters divided into four college students and their professor as they become trapped in an abandoned town. With little information about the town and the fog making it impossible for them to escape, the player is forced into a terrifying nightmare. Now to keep everyone alive and safe, players are forced to make some tough calls.

Man of Medan – games like Until Dawn

games like Until Dawn

Again, a title that is part of The Dark Pictures Anthology, we have the Man of Medan. This is the first installment released for the anthology, and it works a lot like Until Dawn. 

Here the player is controlling a group of people whose choices are important and depending on your actions will determine the outcome of the plot. In this particular storyline, we are following a group of five friends who go on an adventure to salvage an old shipwreck. As they embark on their journey, the party learns that there’s something far more sinister among the ruins that players must fight to keep their party alive.

Although the gameplay is very similar to Until Dawn, there is one big difference that makes some fans a bit disappointed and that is that Until Dawn takes players about eight hours to complete, while the parts of The Dark Pictures Anthology have about four hours. to five o’clock. This is a bit shorter than Until Dawn, but at the same time, the development team can provide more installs for players to enjoy with the series averaging out one game per year.