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Garena Free Fire: Bellara VIP Cheat, Anti Banned? These are the Facts!

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has now become one of those mobile games that is played very frequently by all mobile device users. Free Fire certainly offers many events every once a month or week. Currently, there are lots of Free Fire cheats or applications that players can find if they search on Google or other websites.

One of the most popular cheats sought this year is the Bellara VIP Cheat.

Garena Free Fire

If you read several websites that offer these cheats, Bellara VIP Cheat offers several things such as auto headshot, speed hack, no recoil and many more.

But do you need to download it? Below is the result of our research.

Garena Free Fire Bellara VIP Cheat, Can’t be Detected?

Again, when compared to some other cheat or applications, the Bellara VIP Cheat basically offers the same things.

Garena Free Fire

The only difference that is most noticeable from this cheat is just how it looks.

One more similarity that Free Fire players should pay attention to regarding the Bellara Free Fire cheat is, it is NOT ANTI BANNED!!

If you see a headline that promises that the cheat is anti-banned, you don’t want to be hooked on that promise.

As we warned in our previous articles, the current Garena cheat system is getting better everyday. If you are detected using a third party application, your Free Fire account will be permanently banned immediately!

Your items, skins, emotes and all the things that you have on your Free Fire account will just disappear and cannot be returned. In addition, Garena has repeatedly advised players not to use any type of cheat or applications because it damages the image of gamers around the world.

Surely you don’t want to play against cheaters? Therefore, don’t use any cheats!

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