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Heroes of the Storm: Garrosh Talent Build Guide


Garrosh is a melee Tank, who becomes more difficult to kill the closer he gets to death. For every 2% of his Health missing, he gets 1 Bonus Armor. This suit, in addition to giving him an impressive amount of damage reduction, also directly interacts with specific Talents like Body Check and Inner Rage. A shield icon displayed next to his Health Bar allows the player to easily keep track of his current Armor.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Garrosh



  • Extremely durable thanks to Armor Up Icon Armor Up, the closer to death the harder to kill
  • You can reposition an enemy or ally using Wrecking Ball and Into the Fray Icon Into the Fray
  • Very strong playmaker
  • Provides reliable frontline, with excellent damage mitigation
  • The very high skill ceiling


  • The damage done is pretty poor, especially late in the game
  • Can be easily captured, especially by long-range assassins
  • Absolutely no methods of increasing mobility; rely entirely on her ability and control over the crowd to achieve her desired goal
  • The hero is very complex, requiring mastery of many subtle nuances to achieve the highest efficiency

Talent Build of Garrosh

Groundbreaker Build

His Groundbreaker Build makes him more likely to survive as a Shield when hitting enemy Heroes with Groundbreaker, something that won’t work for highly mobile Heroes.

In particular, Garrosh became more resilient thanks to the synergy between Groundbreaker’s cooldown reduction by Warbreaker at Level 1 and the ability to create a Shield by means of defense at Level 16.

Earthshaker augments his already good crowd control by giving him another tool to interrupt enemy Heroes.

Bloodthirst Build

His Bloodthirst Build gives him more survivability in the form of healing when hitting enemy Heroes with Bloodthirst, a secondary to the healing effect.

In particular, he can heal himself more than usual thanks to the synergy between the Seasoned Soldier at Level 16 and Bloodcraze at Level 13.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

He works well with most Heroes, as they will likely give him a needed source of healing, shields, explosive damage, wave hits, or crowd-tracking crowd control; the ideal is a combination of some of these. Some notable mentions are Malfurion and Tyrande, who can keep him beautiful and healthy while stunned or catching an isolated target thrown at the team with a Wrecking Ball with Entangling Roots or Lunar Flare.

Countered by:

He fights against long-range Heroes who can easily fly a kite and dodge his Landbreaker in some form of closer distance like Valla’s Vault or Tychus’ Run and Gun. Normally, if Groundbreaker is missed by one of these Hero types, Garrosh might consider stepping back instead of chasing them while taking massive Base damage.

Furthermore, any form of percentage-based True Damage becomes especially lethal to him, as it is completely disregarded for his Characteristics. Thus, Heroes like Tychus or Malthael become a serious threat.

Maps of Garrosh

He thrives in a situation where his enemies are forced to regroup. This is because most of his skills, especially Groundbreaker and Warlord’s Challenge, are valuable when it comes to attacking multiple targets.

The map with many narrow points gives Garrosh a chance to hunt down his enemies. Wrecking Ball is fun on terrain-rich maps as he can use it to completely isolate an enemy Hero from their teammates by flipping them over walls or structures onto his team.

Tips and Tricks

  • Armor Up gives him an impressive damage reduction with low Health, allowing him to stay in battle longer than most other Heroes.
  • Groundbreaker can be used to fling an enemy Hero into the air before throwing them at his ally with the Wrecking Ball.
  • Bloodthirst’s self-sustaining feature is most effective after he is damaged because it heals as a percentage of his missing Health.
  • Remember that Wrecking Ball is not a targeted skill and will always throw enemies closest to Garrosh when used (including mercenaries and mercenaries).
  • Due to the small Warlord’s Challenge’s radius, it would sometimes be difficult to attack multiple Heroes with this ability. It would sometimes be worthwhile to use a Warlord’s Challenge on a single Hero if it helped to kill and secure his team numerical advantage.