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Gas Station Simulator guide, tips, and tricks for beginners

Gas Station Simulator

Where to start with Gas Station Simulator on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One? It’s a first-person sim where you run a gas station. Almost. There are a lot of sweeps, paints, gas pumps, and freshwater sweeps at the checkout. Sometimes there are trash bags tucked into the trash cans from across the parking lot. There’s no way to prepare you for the Gas Station experience, but here’s our tip to get you started.

Learn To Throw Trash – Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator

You can get a high score by throwing from farther and farther. More importantly, though, if you drop all your trash right in front of it, it will pile up and appear fuller than usual. Stand at the front and throw your trash can in the trash to fill it up from the back – you won’t have to call for pickup as often that way.

Small Trash And Big Trash – Gas Station Simulator

Smaller trash – the size of a watering can or less – can fit in the trash can or trash bag you’ve equipped. Clicking on a full trash can with a trash bag equipped will turn it into a full trash bag.

Everything else – including bags full of trash – is carried to the trash by hand.

Everything Is Trash — Except Ammo

Speaking of trash: everything is trash and goes in the trash bin. You don’t need to save anything, all is garbage.

That said, there’s also a local troublemaker named Dennis who shows up to throw stink bombs at your gas station and paint graffiti on the walls. And the best way to get rid of him is to throw every trash you currently have at him. Try to keep something nearby to drive him away.

Don’t Neglect Your Sweeping

Gas Station Simulator

In Gas Station Simulator, The problem with deserts and sand is that it’s rough, rough, nasty, and everywhere. You and your customers also track it into the store continuously. There’s even a meter on the top left of the screen that shows how dirty the floor is.

With everything else going on – pumping gas, running payments, queuing, chasing thugs, and driving RC cars (oh yeah, and working for the crowd) – you can easily forget about snooping. However, if you forget for too long and your floors are too dirty, you will start to lose customers.

Close The Gas Station To Buy Time

Gas Station Simulator

There’s a lot going on beyond just running a gas station. It’s decorating, plowing the sand with an excavator, breaking into the trunk of a car with a padlock and that’s all before you discover the animated animal band in the warehouse.

Whenever you need to step away from a little, walk to the front of the sign and close the gas station door a little. Don’t leave it on for too long – you still need to make money (remember you work for the crowd) – but use it to get work done elsewhere without the stress of clients.

Never Take It Too Seriously

Gas Station Simulator is a dream of a game. Chaos is the key point. This is not a game for elite limits or minimum maxing. Just sit back and soak in the absurd.