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Gauntlet – Mind-Blowing Things About This Arcade Classic

Gauntlet 2

Whether you’re a fan of the classic franchise, the reboot of the polygon, or the genre it seems to have helped spawn, Gauntlet is an important building block in the history of games. The grandfather of the Hack and Slash genres, the game established several trends that would become ubiquitous in arcade games.

A Dandy Influence

Gauntlet 2

Many games are clearly influenced by other notable games came before them. This kind of influence has existed in the past, persists to this day, and probably always will. At first glance, however, Gauntlet is almost like a Dandy reskin (if the name confuses you, it’s a play on D&D). And to Ed Logg’s credit, he doesn’t hide this connection.

Logg was directly influenced by Dandy, which he felt would serve as the perfect baseline for the Dungeon and Dragons game he envisioned. While Lord Dandy was initially unhappy about the similarities, things were settled out of court, and he ended up receiving an arcade machine as a thank you for his donation (as well as an official thank you in the credits).

Four Player Pioneer РGauntlet 

Gauntlet 1

While other games before it were capable of creating thrilling four-player experiences (most notably Dandy), these were mostly on home consoles. The game played a huge role in popularizing the four-player format in the arcade. A big part of this happened just another way to get more quarters from players.

Since players weren’t willing to pay a lot of money per game (the dollar arcade machine failed horribly), they created it instead so that multiple players could play at the same time, resulting in multiple quarters. pump into each machine. This was one of those rare moments where great and great business game design combined to create something beautiful, as it was the birth of the four-player arcade cabinet.

Hardware Wars Connection – Gauntlet

If that iconic voice has always been familiar to you, and you’ve been trying really hard to figure out where you’ve heard it before, there’s a good chance you’re a notable Parody Star Wars fan, hardware war.

Not only is Ernie Fosselius, writer and director of hardware warfare, but he also provides the voice of the narrator for this legendary spoof. Of course, Ernie’s other notable voice role is, as the announcer. If you haven’t heard of the hardware wars, the full video is available on YouTube and remains an interesting Dorky watch to this day. Maybe Farce will be with you.

Quarter Gobbler


Another unique element introduced with Gauntlet is the ability to stack the game with quarters. While most games of this era will have you insert a quarter to start, and another after you die, the game is happy to take whatever you have right after and stay there. At first, marketers were skeptical that this would be something people would be willing to do.

However, quite early on they found that this was something that players would do enthusiastically. The ability to insert multiple quarters is also a big reason for the cycling game instead of the conclusion. They fear that the players will finish the game while there are dozens of houses in the machine, and they don’t want to deal with the fans of the Furious GaTlet.