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Heroes of the Storm: Gazlowe Talent Build Guide


Gazlowe is an excellent Bruiser at controlling the space around him, painlessly siege and declare the Mercenary Camps. With the good survivability provided by Talents, he can easily survive diving while also creating multiple turrets, which is a nuisance for the enemy team. However, his abilities have a delay to apply, so he would be better off in a chaotic situation where the enemy is unable to predict and respond accurately to Xplodium Charge and Grav-O-Bomb 3000.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Gazlowe



  • Outstanding zoning potential
  • Decent sieging capabilities
  • Situationally high sustained damage
  • Any Mercenary Camp can be safely alone
  • Potential powerful combination with Grav-O-Bomb 3000
  • Greatly maintained without being controlled by the crowd
  • Track Good Tanks with Xplodium Charge


  • Very little damage is concentrated on targets
  • Requires setup to maximize damage
  • Particularly weak compared to ranged damage dealers
  • Unique play style that your teammates must play
  • Couldn’t properly join his team

Talent Build of Gazlowe

Standard Build

Big Game Hunter (lv1) – Rocket Boots, Rock It Sock It (lv4), Goblin Fusion (lv7), Grav-O-Bomb 3000 (lv10) – Robo-Goblin, Superior Schematics (lv13), Overcharged Capacitors, Ark Reaktor (lv16) – Firin’ Mah Lazorz, Miniature Black Hole (lv20) – It’s Raining Scrap – Bomb Toss.

Standard Build of Gazlowe focuses on creating more turrets through Goblin Fusion debris, while also increasing the hero’s stamina from Rock It Sock It’s shields.

At level 10, we recommend getting the Grav-O-Bomb 3000 due to its great potential to win the skirmishes with it. However, if your plan is to continuously split-push, the Robo-Goblin might be a better choice.

Xplodium Build

Rocket Boots (lv1), Hyperfocus Coils (lv4), Overload (lv7) – Master Blaster, Grav-O-Bomb 3000 (lv10), Overcharged Capacitors (lv13), Ark Reaktor (lv16) – Firin’Mah Lazorz, Bomb Toss (lv20) – Miniature Black Hole.

His Xplodium Build allows him to follow his Tank skirmishes from anywhere, while also dealing high damage from a distance. This build doesn’t make as much early gameplay as the Standard build, but it’s incredibly powerful at Level 16 and Level 20.

This build is a good option if you’re not in the solo lane or if your team has a tank with good fighting tools, such as E.T.C. or Anub’arak.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Gazlowe is in top form when paired with the Vehicle-setting Heroes or tracking his Grav-O-Bomb 3000-Xplodium Charge combo. On the other hand, his Turret and Xplodium Charge are still useful to hinder an opponent from attacking a vulnerable backline teammate, making him relatively flexible in this regard.

Countered by:

His short-range nature makes him ineffective against anything that could go beyond him and his Turrets. The lack of reliably reduced movement speed also makes it easy to get caught.

Maps of Gazlowe


The static nature of Gazlowe makes him thrive on the Map with Fixed Objectives allowing him to take scrap through Big Game Hunter, like Infernal Shrines and Sky Temple. In contrast, he tends to be weaker in maps that require more proactivity in his target, like in Hanamura Temple and Doom Tower.

Tips and Tricks

  • Wait for enemies to line up or be under control before using Deth Lazor, so you can get more healing.
  • Use Rock-It! Turret to reduce damage from Buildings and Mercenaries, if needed.
  • Rock it! The turret will block skill shots at you. It’s great to use them to defend yourself against certain abilities, like Muradin’s Stitches Hook or Storm Bolt.
  • Combine Grav-O-Bomb 3000 and Xplodium Charge together to create a powerful AoE crowd control effect.
  • In critical skirmishes, it’s better to hold Xplodium Charge until your teammate stuns or root someone, so you can use it as a tracking skill, securing a hit.
  • With Rock It Sock It, you shouldn’t use all turrets immediately, as the shields will overlap, reducing your effective health. Only use the turret if the previous shield has been destroyed or has expired.
  • Do Rock-It! The turret’s damage is, the turret can be used to take down and track the opponent’s turn, instead of using it in waves.