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Gen.G vs C9 Prediction – 2021 WC Quarterfinals – 10/23

Gen.G vs C9 Prediction

Gen.G vs C9 prediction on October 23, 2021. The match between Gen.G vs C9 is evaluated in favor of Gen.G. Both have struggled to get through the group stage with a series of brainstorming tiebreaks.

Gen.G Overview

Gen.G vs C9 Prediction

With the top stars of the LCK in the lineup, Gen.G is still one of the highly-rated teams at Worlds 2021. However, Gen.G is still lacking in tactical and gameplay highlights. Step up to the highest position in League of Legends tournaments. 

In this season, GEN is looking forward to the brilliance of ADC Ruler. But if they want to go far at Worlds 2021, Gen.G will need more stability in Clid’s play. Once their jungler is in control, Bdd and Rascal will have a much easier time breathing and can begin to play. Gen.G is currently at the top of Group D.

C9 Overview

Gen.G vs C9 Prediction

Returning to Worlds 2021 after a year of absence, fans may not dare to have high expectations for Cloud9 after the disappointing performance at MSI 2021 and the 2021 LCS Summer. Perkz and his teammates just can win the right to Worlds 2021 after defeating a TSM who is also playing equally weak. 

Cloud9’s gameplay will still operate around jungler Blaber and his star mid-lane: Perkz. The brilliance of this duo will greatly affect C9’s success at Worlds. They need to show a lot of things to regain trust from the community. Currently, C9 ranks 2nd in Group B.

Gen.G vs C9 Prediction

C9’s performance is much less impressive. They often have quite amateur handling phases and leave a lot of odd deaths. Even Perkz’s position is playing out extremely risky, and this is not taken seriously when facing a strong control team like Gen.G. Meanwhile, the team from Korea really showed some level of its class. They overcame heavyweights like MAD and TL or LNG to take the top spot in Group D. 

Gen.G vs C9 Prediction

Bdd’s brilliance is a key factor for this journey. It would have been easier if Rascal had been the main starter, but Gen.G’s coaching staff gave Burdol a chance to rub. But this guy didn’t show much in the team play and led to defeat by Gen.G. In the knockout round, Rascal will certainly be trusted and it will not be difficult for Gen.G to overcome C9. The result is predicted to be a 3-1 win for Gen.G.

Gen.G vs C9 Bet Prediction

Gen.G vs C9 total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Gen.G wins
  • Game 2: C9 wins
  • Game 3: Gen.G wins
  • Game 4: Gen.G wins

Total score 3-1

First blood:

  • Game 1: Gen.G
  • Game 2: C9
  • Game 3: Gen.G
  • Game 4: Gen.G

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Gen.G 12 – 6 C9
  • Game 2: Gen.G 7 – 18 C9
  • Game 3: Gen.G 14 – 6 C9
  • Game 4: Gen.G 17 – 9 C9

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: Gen.G
  • Game 2: Gen.G
  • Game 3: C9
  • Game 4: C9


Gen.G: Rascal, Bdd, Burdol, Clid, Ruler, Life

C9: Fudge, Zven, Blaber, Perkz, Vulcan