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Gen.G vs Team Liquid Prediction – Worlds Group D – 10/13

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Prediction

Gen.G vs Team Liquid prediction on October 13, 2021. Team Liquid’s strength comes from the experienced players in the squad. In all 5 team members, all of them are names who have attended the world finals at least once. Team Liquid had solid early gameplay with limited teamfights. But the quality roams from CoreJJ support in the later stages were quite dangerous.

Gen.G Overview

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Prediction

Gen.G started Group D with a convincing victory over the dark horse LNG Esports from LPL. Surpassing the opponent who is considered the heaviest in Group D as the top of the group belongs to this team. Rivals like Team Liquid are hard to compete with even at their peak. So an easy win will go to Gen.G in this match only.

Team Liquid Overview

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Prediction

Team Liquid is also in the hands of 1 win as of the time of writing. Their aging has defeated a team that lives on youth, MAD Lions. However, when facing Gen.G, things will be completely different, even if Team Liquid is a safe team that is in favor of control. Meeting a team that masters this style of play is Gen.G Failure will still be for them.

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Prediction

Looking at the way Team Liquid plays, it is easy to knock down the teams that are not good. They set up big goals quite well as well as have very good teamfights. That’s why the first phase of the game can go very smoothly. But when the first dragon appears, the dispute between the two teams really begins.

However, due to the rich experience of the competition, Team Liquid also had problems when the age of the players was also grown. Their manipulation was much worse than at their peak. Especially worrying comes from solo matches when on the other side of the Gen.G front line owns very strong names like Bdd or Rascal. 

It is possible that the teamfights will come in the solo lane. Where the duo of Rascal and Clid will bring a lot of advantages against an Alphari that even with the intervention from Santorin will not make much difference. In the mid lane, it was clear that Jensen could not be a counterweight to Bdd let alone move to support ganking. 

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Prediction

Team Liquid’s bot lane pair Tactical and CoreJJ also met the same fate. CoreJJ protected the AD carry tired let alone ganking roam as usual. In the middle of the game, we will see Gen.G pressing thoroughly with direct slaps to the enemy in every lane. Outstanding individual skills that make it easy for them to do that. 

And when Team Liquid couldn’t move to read the situation, the only thing they could do was hold the turret. At this time Gen.G comfortably took on big targets like dragons or messengers. The game speed will be constantly pushed by Gen.G. But Team Liquid’s counter-gank opportunity is almost rare when Gen.G is too experienced. The final victory will probably belong to Gen.G after the Baron take-away situation. It is also the result that many experts agree with.

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Bet Prediction

Gen.G vs Team Liquid total score prediction:

Game 1: Gen.G

Total score 1-0 (Gen.G wins)

Gen.G vs Team Liquid Handicap bet (Gen.G handicap 6.5 kills)

First blood:

Game 1: Gen.G

Total kills:

Game 1: Gen.G 12-4 Team Liquid (Under)


Gen.G: Rascal, Clid, Ruler, Bdd, Life

Team Liquid: Alphari, Tactical, Santorin, Jensen, CoreJJ