July 28, 2021


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General tips on how to play Doom Dota 2



Doom is a hero that can flexibly switch between different positions in a game. For him nothing is impossible, the guide to play this hero in the following sections will give you full knowledge of him.

Doom the elite hero in the underworld


Dota 2 has brought players a lot of different heroes. Each quality has a unique color. For multi-terrain heroes, you can mention Jungler or Ganker. These are all heroes with fast attack speed, great damage, and wide-range attacks. Usually will hold the position to protect the entire team, avoiding being caught oddly or sneaking. One of those positions is the hero Doom, the ace of Hell.

It is difficult to predict where and what to do in a game. He has high movement speed, good flexibility, and standard combo moves. He is a tough opponent for late game, especially when you have reached the full power needed. You need to rely on the above advantages and disadvantages to be able to play well this hero in the position of Jungler or Ganker. These are all suitable positions for his power as well as the purpose for which this warrior was created.

Doom and the innate abilities


Like other heroes, Doom is famous for his unique skills and unique character design. This hero has many advantages that players can take advantage of to become stronger in the game. Some of the advantages are:

He possesses the skills that can lock the movements of enemy heroes in the game. Moreover, these skills are also designated skills, so accuracy is almost absolute. You don’t need to spend too much time to lock on an enemy along your way.

His farming ability is optimized thanks to the hegemony skill system from champion nature. He can quickly pick up items needed for mid or late game. His farm speed is always the fastest in Dota 2. This is why many players when confronting him always have creeps to prevent him from farming.

No need to build tank items for him, you can also own a pretty strong tank champion. Because he has a strong increase in the index, especially strength points. Therefore, the amount of health increasing through each level is very respectable. For this reason, he doesn’t rely too much on items. If he is leaving behind, you are still at a safe level, not too weak compared to the enemy heroes or the common ground of the team.

Noticeable restrictions in his gameplay

Besides his heavenly hegemony, he also has some weaknesses to overcome. Avoid being used by enemy champions to fight him at different stages of the game. The following advantages can be mentioned:

Maneuverability is quite high, but he is a hero with fairly slow movement speed. This hero is often hit & run by the more flexible AD or becomes the focus of dame. Most of the time, he is usually a Tanker that can take good damage if equipped.

Possessing such a hegemony skill system, but he is quite weak when finished using his ultimate. He was in a situation where he couldn’t deal damage nor do much for the team other than taking damage.

There is one more weakness that can be mentioned of Doom that is completely unable to cause widespread damage. This hero uses single-target and completely single target skills. That is why he is quite harmless in large team fights. You should pay attention to catch Ad of the opposing team when playing him. This is consistent with his power and skills.

Notes on how to play

Doom can possess great power in both Ad and Ap. However, if said he is unmatched, it is completely not right. There are still many other ways for you to play well or not play well this hero. It is all because you can promote the strength from the internal and effects of this hero or not.