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Genshin Impact: 300+ Free Primogems Tomorrow, Here’s the Explanation!

Genshin Impac

Tomorrow is 23 December 2020, It will be the day that Genshin Impact players are waiting eagerly for. Because tomorrow is the 1.2 update ! The reason for this is the New Banner, New Map, New System, New Events and all the new things in the 1.2 Genshin Impact update! Let’s take a look!

Primogems Free

Of course with all the updates that are of course also awaited by many players, namely the free primogems Genshin Impact. 

Primogems are given as compensation for the latest update which usually takes 5 hours. Every hour, players will get 60 primogems for free. 

With 5 hours, you can be sure that you will get 300 primogems for free. However, it is possible that you can get more than 300 primogems. 

Because according to what miHoYo said, every hour of additional maintenance from Genshin Impact the player will be rewarded with 60 primogems. 

But players certainly don’t want to wait long for maintenance, but if they are rewarded with free primogems, who doesn’t like it?

New Genshin Impact Banner

Of course, the presence of a new character will be a great magnet for players who like gacha . With new characters players can also explore the team with more new variations.

New Map

Genshin Impact

The new map, it’s been eagerly awaited by its Players. With the current map or area, players who have explored frequently might feel bored with not having anything new to explore.

Therefore, the new map, Dragonspin , is certainly awaited by its presence.

The new system, especially on the Dragonspine map, is where there is a Sheer Cold bar which you also have to keep in addition to your HP bar. Of course it will be a challenge and something interesting to learn.

Of course the players will also really like exploring new territories with the new challenges / systems that exist.

New Genshin Impact Event

A new event, actually you don’t need to wait for a big update like the one that will be coming tomorrow, December 23, 2020. However, because the 1.2 update event is very interesting, there is a new story with Albedo. Event obtains new weapons . Free character events, and many others. It will be very interesting to play.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!