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Genshin Impact: A Guide to Build Zhongli


Finally, Zhongli was officially announced as an Archon character with a Geo element in Genshin Impact. Known as Rex Lapis or Morax, this earth element Gnosis holder has many unique abilities. Moreover, Zhongli Elemental Burst can summon a Meteor with high damage.


Following his release on the latest banner, many yearn to have Zhongli. Many people are confused about how to build Zhongli effectively to maximize this character. So for that, We would like to provide some insight into the best builds for Genshin Impact

Introduction to Ability


Zhongli Elemental basic ability is Dominus Lapidis. It allows him to take out a pillar of Geo. This pillar can provide damage with other Geo such as Ningguang’s ability. This Elemental can break Geo’s energy and grants Zhongli a Shield. 

This Elemental ability does emphasize Geo’s playing style. Meanwhile, Planet Befall‘s Elemental Burst creates a meteor with 400% damage and leaves the enemy to be exposed to petrify aka stun for quite a long time.

Zhongli Optional Weapons

Hero banner comes along with one of his best weapons, the Vortex Vanquisher. Which can strengthen Zhongli Shield and also increase his ATK%. Two other 5-star Polearm weapons, namely Primordial Jade and Skyward Spine, can also be used for this character to increase his physical damage. 

If you can’t get those,  you can try Favonius Lance‘s to add Energy Recharge, so that you can cast Planet Befall faster. Meanwhile, you can also make Crescent Pike from the Crafting system in the game.

Best Artifact to Choose – Zhongli


You can get your hand on Geo elemental artifacts from the Domain in Guyun Stone Forest. Archaic Petra or Retracing Bolide sets can increase Geo’s damage and strengthen the Shield. If you play Zhongli as the main DPS, a combination of 2 sets of Archaic Petra and Retracing Bolide can be used.

Meanwhile, if you only use hero for Burst, add two sets of Noblesse Oblige and use Retracing Bolide. You can also use the Archaic Petra set for the Noelle character, which you can pair with  Zhongli to activate Geo’s Elemental Resonance.

Team Composition


Geo elements have only one purpose, crystallization, which allows hero to absorb certain elemental shields. This may be a disadvantage because the elements cannot increase the damage. You can use four geo characters at once, namely Aether or Lumine, Noel and Ning Guang to create geo synergy. These four characters can share the elements of the sphere to continuously burst damage.