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Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler guide: weapons, artifacts, and Skills

Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler

Your first character in its original form – Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler. Like all Anemo users, they are very well set up and a Supporter for the rest of your team and they can also bring in some pretty good heat.

Weapons for Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler

Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler

The first is to consider Sword options. You’ll notice a lot of faces coming back from our Geo Traveler guide – and for good reason! Here are really some of the best options for Travelers, regardless of the factors:

Sword of Descension

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, it’s hard not to talk about the Sword of Descension regarding a Traveler build. The stats range from good to high, but the unique ability that can only be activated when Equipped by a Traveler will always make this Sword a top priority for your main character. If you want to run a DPS traveler, this is your best bet.

Skyward Blade

In contrast, Skyward Blade should be a top priority if you want to set up Traveler as Enabler. Refueling means more Elemental Booms, means more Anemo and CC setup. Use your blast, then use your amped damage from Fang’s damage boost through the sky along with any Elemental Boosts and debug as you can stack up to take damage home before moving to go out.

Aquila Favonia

Another powerful DPS alternative. Falcon’s Defiance’s excellent attack stats and self-sustaining ability make it a great choice for most Sword users, and Travelers is no exception. Combine it with Second Wind for even more recovery and the Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler is surprisingly self-sustaining.

Favonius Sword

All about having Gust Surge as often as possible through Energy Recharge and Windfall. Great for an Enabler or Burst Carry build. You can run the Sacrifice, but the Palm Vortex has a relatively low CD for Elemental Skills and doesn’t really need assistance.

Artifacts for Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler

Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler is easy to build.

If you want to use DPS, or at least the active duration, use Full Gladiator’s Finale to power their attacks and base damage. If you are having trouble getting good GF down, you can split into 2/2 between Berserker and set + 18% ATK.

If you’re looking for an Enabler build, as with all Anemo users, the full Viridescent Venerer is the cream of the crop. The power of Anemo and Swirl’s Damage, along with Elemental RES debuffs, are great for setting up the rest of the party and Elemental Reactions in general.

Other heavyweight contenders are the Complete Instructor to gain more All-Team Elemental Mastery or the full Nobility Duty to gain stronger Elemental Powers and a + 20% increase in the entire team ATK.

DPS Stat Priority

  • Anemo DMG Goblet (key)
  • Crit Rate (50~%+)
  • Crit DMG
  • ATK
  • Energy Recharge

Support Stat Priority

  • Energy Recharge
  • Elemental Mastery
  • ATK
  • Anemo DMG Goblet

Play Patterns

Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler

Genshin Impact Anemo Traveler is best served using the Elemental Skill and their Burst to CC and Spread application elements. They are effective Enabler because of these skills, but they also offer a good DPS option if you tend to be.

Either way, the key to getting the most out of the Traveler is (as stated before) using their ability to deal as much Elemental damage through Spin and Reaction as possible. Getting a Level 1 Constellation really helps with this, as it adds a vacuum effect to Palm Swirl, making it significantly easier to group enemies.

On another note, you want to shoot your Elemental Burst skill carefully, it’s something that shoots a straight line skill, so you want to aim your tornado on the way to catch as many enemies. and explosive barrel) the better.

If you are using Traveler for their add-ons, you’re done! After using your ability, you can switch to other characters, otherwise you will want to continue applying elements and use the bonus damage at the end of a regular attack from Slitting. Wind best possible.

To teammates, most Elemental Reaction components are happy to have an Anemo user to spread and extend the elements. Pyro, Hydro, Cryo and Electro all worked well. You could also think of adding someone like Jean or Venti for Anemo Resonance rewards and make the most of the Anemo DMG boost from Intertwined Winds at C6.