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Genshin Impact Barbara guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Barbara

Genshin Impact Barbara, Teyvat’s top idol will take the lead in this guide. While her songs may be soothing (fun fact: her Japanese voice actress Akari Kitō is also a real-life idol!), But her healing potential has left her he was highly sought after in Genshin Impact. Here’s how to maximize that glorious healing. Let’s start the program!

Genshin Impact Barbara guide

Genshin Impact Barbara


Barbara’s kits deplete all of HP, meaning looking for a Catalyst that provides it or provides valuable add-ons for her Elemental and Burst Skills. So these two Catalysts easily become the best quality for Genshin Impact Barbara:

Prototype Malice

What percentage of Expansion HP and Weapon Ability provide healing and Recharge for the entire party? That’s all Barbara wanted. Simple like that. As a bonus, it is fake, so there’s no need to toss!

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Surprisingly, the community consensus is that the 3 * Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers are absolutely amazing on Barabara. It works really well if you use her Elemental Skills and Burst, then switch to your main DPS to increase their damage and also have HP percentage to increase her own skills.

Of course, another bonus is how easy it is to Refine into a 3 * weapon. Who needs to launch a 5 * weapon?


No one should be surprised that all four of the Beloved Maiden shards work perfectly with Barbara, increasing the healing of Elemental Skills and Boom across the entire party by 35% stacks.

If you’re having trouble getting access to the full Maiden Beloved suite, you can split 2/2 with the Exile or Scholarb suite, or even run all 4 full. Barabara’s Elemental Burst’s recharging and more convenience have not been to blame.

If, for whatever reason, you feel unable to control wanting to turn Genshin Impact Barbara into a damage killer, run her with full Wanderer’s Troupe and a damage Catalyst like The Widsith.

Artifact Stats

Go to the stats you need to look for: HP, Healing Rewards, and Energy Refills. That is all. Maybe a little superficial, but they’re really the key.

Main Stats

  • Healing Bonus Circlet
  • HP%
  • Energy Recharge

Sub Stats

  • HP%
  • Energy Recharge
  • For damage focus, Crit% and DMG, Hydro DMG, and Attack Bonuses are your friends

Play Patterns – Genshin Impact Barbara

Genshin Impact Barbara

You can even cancel her Elemental Skill animation by rushing away as it’s happening to keep your DPS active time higher.

On the other hand, you can also try a little more group healing by keeping Barabara out after using Let the Show Begin and using her vehicle to heal the party as best as possible. That’s especially helpful when your team has very low HP, and moving straight in can be too risky. Also, keep in mind that her charged attacks heal significantly more than her standard automatic attack in the Melody Loop!

Second, Barabara is a Hydro Catalyst user so it is easy for her to apply Wet. Pair that device with a Pyro user for Vaporise, an Electro user for a charged AoE, or a Cryo user to get that very strong freeze for the CC.

As a warning note, remember that Let the Show Begin applies to the active character during its periodic heals. This is a nightmare for Cryo enemies like Andrius. Although Genshin Impact Barbara is probably the best-dedicated healer in Genshin, for Domains and Boss Cryo you should really consider bringing in another support like Diona or Qiqi.