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Genshin Impact Beidou guide: weapons, artifacts, and Skills

Genshin Impact Beidou

Genshin Impact Beidou is your ideal Waifu, huh? Yeah, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that, and honestly, who could blame you? Beidou strong and fast, attacking with his Claymore using wide and powerful attacks, combined with some truly devastating Electro attacks. Yes, there’s a lot to love, but unless you equip her with the best equipment for her unique talent, you won’t get the most out of one of the most powerful Electro characters in the game.

Skills Talents

Genshin Impact Beidou

Normal Attack: Oceanborne

Basic Attack: Perform up to 5 consecutive attacks. Charged Attack: Consumes Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At the end of the streak, perform a stronger slash. Strike Attack: Dashes from midair, dealing damage to enemies along the way and dealing AoE damage on impact.

Elemental Skill: Tidecaller

If anyone raised their hand against her or her people, she would avenge it ten times with sword and thunder. Pressing: Accumulating the power of lightning, Genshin Impact Beidou fiercely swings his blade forward, causing Electro DMG. Hold: Raise her weapon as a shield. The maximum absorption of DMG will decrease Beidou’s maximum HP.

Attacks use the energy stored in the great sword when released or when the skill’s duration expires, causing Electro DMG. DMG deals rate in proportion to the number of times Beidou is attacked during the skill’s duration. Maximum DMG rewards will be obtained after this effect is activated twice. The shield possesses the following characteristics: Has a 250% DMG power absorption efficiency. Applying the Electro element to Beidou upon activation.

Elemental Burst: Stormbreaker

Recalling her killing the great beast Haishan. Beidou calls on that tremendous power and lightning to create Thunderbeast’s Target’s around her. Thunderbeast’s Objectives: When Basic and Accumulated Strikes hit, they create a bolt of lightning that can jump between enemies, causing Electro DMG. Increases character’s resistance to interruptions and decreases damage received.

Best Weapons For Genshin Impact Beidou

Genshin Impact Beidou is a powerful Electro character, as we have established, and therefore you need a weapon that truly unleashes Beidou’s elemental abilities. But we shouldn’t ignore how much damage she does without it – Beidou has a very strong ATK and an additional weapon for that would be best. Our best recommendation for a four-star weapon would be the Serpent Spine, which increases the damage Beidou can do while she’s active longer.

If you want to use a five-star weapon, then it depends on your playstyle and no choice is necessarily wrong. Wolf’s Tomb boosts ATK to the point of making Beidou a powerhouse, while Skyward Pride enhances elemental attacks, making Beidou’s ability to easily disperse Electro more useful. Combine Skyward Pride with several elemental combo attacks, and you’ve got the recipe for success.

Ultimately, either of the two five-star weapons will work for the Beidou, but the Serpent Spine should be your short-term four-star target, and the Skyward Pride will be a long-term goal if you want to make the most of her Electro talent.

Best Artifacts For Genshin Impact Beidou

Genshin Impact Beidou

Beidou’s Electro abilities require a real artifact that gives her the benefits she deserves. Hence, we have to use the Thundering Fury artifact, one specifically designed for Electro skills. This set merges with Skyward Pride. The Thunder Fury set is made up of the following artifacts:

  • Thunderbird’s Mercy
  • Survivor of Catastrophe
  • Hourglass of Thunder
  • Omen of Thunderstorm
  • Summoner’s Crown

Two pieces of this set will give you + 15% more Electro damage and if you find four pieces then all Electro-element combination attacks will be enhanced. So set up the battlefield with another element, like Cryo or Pyro, then use Beidou’s explosive element to clear up the fights quickly.

Beidou’s Playstyle

So we’ve determined that Genshin Impact Beidou has amazing massive lightning, formidable Electro attacks, and very high ATK. All of that adds up to a character built to be a primary DPS – a truly lethal, and all Beidou needs before going into battle is someone else setting up the battlefield. Cover the battlefield with Hydro or the afflictive Pyro and then Beidou can enter and clean. Turn on her Burst attack and the enemy will fall.