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Genshin Impact Diluc guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Diluc

Very few characters can carry quite as hard as Genshin Impact Diluc. Darksteel Knight certainly lives up to its reputation, as this Pyro Claymore user continually tops the community-level list as a DPS and sub-force.

If you’ve managed to catch the Knights of Favonius biggest rival, here’s how to get him to heat up.

Genshin Impact Diluc guide

Genshin Impact Diluc


If the answer is yes, it is probably a good choice for Diluc. Even so, there are certainly a few more successful Claymores at the mogul:

Wolf’s Gravestone

Raw Attack stats are very good for Genshin Impact Diluc – he uses basic attacks and charged attacks a lot, and all of his abilities decrease – but the real bonus is Wolfish Tracker. Again, the other 20% of ATK is staggering, but a 40% increase for the entire party after hitting enemies with 30% lower HP can be destroyed.

Excellent if you want Diluc to deal with people on his own or if you switch characters to take advantage of the massive attack power.

Skyward Pride

Skyward Pride pushed Diluc to focus more on Burst. Energy Recharge means his Elemental Burst, Dawn, is significantly more frequently available and Sky-ripping Dragon Spine allows his next attacks to hit harder and with AoE using vacuum blades. create.

A great choice for both if you want to prioritize Pyro’s active time (his Burst converts his basic attacks to Pyro’s Damage due to Blessing of Phoenix skill), or is interested in Use him as a boom carries rather than a straight DPS.

Prototype Animus

One item can be forged, and one is very effective for Genshin Impact Diluc. Attack stats are, as noted, great for Diluc and Crush to periodically destroy an opponent. It is very easy to refactor and operate if you want Diluc as your primary DPS or a secondary continuum carry.

Artifacts – Genshin Impact Diluc

Genshin Impact Diluc

There are only two sets that you should aim for on Diluc in the last match right now. The first is the 4 pieces of Crimson Witch of Flames. A 15% Pyro DMG base is great as everything from Dilucs’ basic attack (when subjected to Blessing of Phoenix’s effect) to his Elemental Burst all causes Pyro DMG, and buff effects for Reactions Pyro-based elements are also very strong.

However, what sets the deal is an additional 50% bonus damage to Pyro each time Diluc uses his Elemental Skill – a buff that stacks three times to gain a 150% bonus. Searing Onslaught can be used three times before it switches to a cooldown, making this trivial for maximum stacks.

Another set of major artifacts you can watch to run is Gladiator’s Finale 4-piece. The + 18% ATK bonus is always a high-level option for DPS characters, with an additional 4-piece bonus and 35% additional damage on basic attacks easily played by Diluc. It’s also a better choice if you want to prioritize Physical damage over Pyro – which Crimson Witch is preferred, for obvious reasons.

If you’re new to the game earlier or are struggling to put together a passable 4-piece set of either of those selections, then any pair of 2-piece + 18% ATK is also relatively strong for Genshin Impact Diluc.