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Genshin Impact Geo Traveler guide: weapons, artifacts, and Skills

Genshin Impact Geo Traveler

Genshin Impact Geo Traveler may be a 5 * character, but sadly their Geo variant is a bit wrong. No massive backlash and topographical ability would hinder more than put them in a dilemma.

That said if you’re willing to put in your time – or just want to use your main character – there’s a lot of creativity and power behind their kit. Here are the solid foundations you’ll want to start with.

Weapons for Genshin Impact Geo Traveler

Genshin Impact Geo Traveler

There’s an argument for most of the premium Swords on Traveler, but here are a few of the top ones:

Sword of Descension

It’s hard not to talk about the Sword of Descension regarding the Traveler build. Yes, it has good stats, but a unique ability that can only activate when it is Equipped by a Traveler will always make this Sword a high priority choice for your main character. Overall, it favors a high damage builder, but it should suit most gameplay.

Skyward Blade

If you want to push for a more supported build – often easier to do than a DPS build for Genshin Impact Geo Traveler – then the Skyward Blade should be at the top of the list of priorities. The recharged energy means there will be more Wake of Earth, which means more battlefield terrain and more Crit Rate types thanks to the Level 1 Constellation. Use your blast, then attack the opponent by increasing the damage of Sky-Piercing Fang, before moving out.

The Flute

A unique weapon that works well for either DPS or support. Chord means a nice burst of damage at the end of a combo for a quick switch/support gameplay, or another source of damage if you want the Traveler to have more consistent DPS.

Favonius Sword

Another good option for a building that wants to prioritize topographic control. The recharged energy means Wake of Earth works more often, and Windfall doubles that up. While you can use the Sacrifice Sword to a similar mindset, the Wake of Earth is for the most part more valuable when it comes to cooldown reduction, so the Favonius Sword will be a bit limited.


Genshin Impact Geo Traveler

DPS’s focus on Genshin Impact Geo Traveler is mainly on Gladiator’s Finale with a variety of permutations. As always, a full 4-item set works great, but it’s a high demand one. To get around that, using a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige to fill the void and adding to the Traveler’s Elemental Burst’s large-scale AoE could be a good choice, as well as running a 2-piece Archaic Petra for added Geography. DMG.

On the other end of the spectrum, a pro- Genshin Impact Geo Traveler wants to head to Full Archaic Petra for a potential 35% DMG reward from crystalline fragments (you’ll want to pre-apply the elements to that crystal) or Noblesse. Full oblige to receive even more value from the Wake of Earth. You can even do a 2/2 ratio split between the two for more personal strength, in favor of Burst Carry gameplay.

If you find it difficult to collect enough of these high-end artifacts, the 2-piece Berserker plus the ATK + 18% kit is a good backup for DPS, while the full The Exile is a good choice to focus on. more support.