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Genshin Impact: Here Are 7 New Feature in 1.2

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It doesn’t feel like it’s been more than three months since Genshin Impact was released. Players have also celebrated many new things in the recent 1.1 update which is quite large and the second series of Archon Quest volumes in Liyue. Reportedly, there are still many new developments that will await players in the 1.2 update soon.

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MiHoYo has answered a lot of input from players who have provided insight into the Q&A feature. There are seven major things that will be changed in the future updates. So, are you curious about the new features that await 1.2 update for Genshin Impact ? Let’s take a quick look at the new features.

Reward Ascension – Genshin Impact

Reportedly, in the Genshin Impact 1.2 update, players will get 1 Intertwined Fate every time they Ascend a different character to  Level 20, 50, or 70 . This means, each character can reward the player with up to 6 Intertwined Fates each time they are raised to a higher level. This can be very useful for those of you who lack scroll to draw new banners.

Repeating Domain Without Leaving

The Domain system in Genshin Impact is still lacking in adjustment. The reason is, players must re-enter in order to repeat a Domain. Well, this time the interface of the Domain system will also be adjusted so that you can challenge it without to leave the Domain.

Automatic Looting

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One of the new features is to allow players to collect all ingredients without the need to touch them. With automatic looting, players can get  Artifacts, Materials, and ingredients without worrying about leaving them behind. 

Private Chat Function – Genshin Impact

This time, players can message any online friend without having to enter the world first. In this way, every time you play, you can send a private chat message to each other and make the game less lonely. You can also send messages to friends you meet while playing Co-Op.

Trackable Pins

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Previously, this feature didn’t make the game any simpler because the pins we install can’t be traced. Well, Players can now mark places on the map using a trackable pin. This time the pins that you have spread out in the map can actually be tracked on your compass.

New Dialog Features – Genshin Impact

Do you feel tired of hearing Paimon rambling? Well, you can skip the dialogue easily now and complete quests faster. You won’t miss any important dialogue because each log will be stored in the archive so you can access it later on.

Friends Display Name

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Sometimes, We are confused about which account your friend is on. So, for that MiHoYo intends to implement a new system on social media. By selecting your friend’s Avatar, players can name their friends and also add a note to it.

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