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Genshin Impact Itto Guide – Best Build For Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact Itto

Here are the best Genshin Impact Itto builds for those of you lucky enough to get the new five-star character from the Genshin Impact 2.3, Wish Banner. Arataki Itto, a popular (in) gang leader and part of the Oni from Inazuma, is going to be a really powerful main DPS with the right Artifacts, Claymore, and allies.

Itto’s base stats

Genshin Impact Itto

Genshin Impact Itto is a Claymore user with Geo Vision. He’s just the third five-star Geo character in the game. As Zhongli and Albedo fill multiple supporting and secondary DPS roles respectively, Itto can be considered Geo’s first major DPS.

However, you will notice that his Base Attack is very low compared to other five-star attacks. However, that’s fine as this Oni’s ability changes according to his Defense stat. His max defense is currently the highest in the game.

Genshin Impact Itto attacks

Normal and charged attacks are usually just a bunch of simple attacks. However, Itto’s Normal and Charged Attacks come with a special effect: Superlative Superstrength.

When you hit your opponent for the second or fourth time in a Normal Attack sequence, you gain a stack of First Class Super Strength, up to a maximum of five. If you then use your Charged Strike, Itto consumes stacks to deal damage from the stronger ‘Arataki Kesagiri’ slash.

The elemental skill of the leader of the Arataki Gang throws a small bull, Ushi, onto the battlefield. Ushi will taunt enemies and damage Geo whenever he is hit. When that happens, he also grants Itto an Ultimate Superstar point. If his HP (based on a percentage of Itto’s max HP) runs out, he leaves the field and grants Itto an additional stack.

Itto’s Elemental Burst converts his Basic Attacks and Basic Attacks to Earth damage. The first and third attacks of his Basic Attack series will now also grant Transcendental Superstar. Finally, his Basic Attack speed and damage (based on the Defense stat) are increased, but his Physical and Elemental Resistance is reduced.

Passive abilities – Genshin Impact Itto

Genshin Impact Itto

As you level up and become King Oni, he gains the following passive talents:

  • Passive First Ascension: When Itto uses consecutive Arataki Kesagiri attacks (consume Super Strength), each hit increases the speed of the next slash by 10% (max 30%).
  • Second Ascension Passive: Arataki Kesagiri’s damage is increased by 35% of Itto’s max Defense.
  • Utility Passive: When a party member obtains wood from a tree, there is a 25% chance of getting additional wood.

Best Builds For Itto

Genshin Impact Itto

Simply put: Itto’s Normal and Charged attacks are both pretty useless. But if you use his Skills and Explosions to gain Transcendent Power and convert to Geography, his Charged Attacks become completely devastating in the form of Arataki Kesagiri’s attacks.

Since Itto himself provides no passive support or damage, he is only suitable for the role of main DPS. However, that still leaves two different build options for Itto:

  • Key Geography DPS. This build is suitable for most teams. Just have high defense and focus on Arataki Kesagiri’s slashes in battle.
  • Geographic key DPS with continuous shield enhancement. Same as above, but Genshin Impact Itto will rely on shield providers like Zhongli or Noelle.