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Genshin Impact Jean guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Jean

As Favonius Knight’s Acting Grand Knight, Genshin Impact Jean has a lot to live with. She did a good job on the job and this guide will tell you why.

Down by 5 * and a copy of Diluc’s anti-hero: Jean is the model knight and a worthy addition to nearly any team in Genshin. Amemo is a great support factor, and Jean also offers high damage and recovery. In other words, yes, Jean is very nice.

Jean plays very well in most roles, but here’s how to get the most out of Acting Master.

Genshin Impact Jean guide

Genshin Impact Jean


Like Jean, her choice of weapons is very flexible. She can be successful in most gameplay with most weapons, but here are some more effective options.

Aquila Favonia

A weapon designed for Genshin Impact Jean – literally (it’s in all her advertising art). DMG is physically good because she likes Normal beat a lot, but Falcon’s Defiance just looks good with Jean. All of her skills scale on Attack – including healing – and an additional 20% is great, plus Falcon of the West allows Jean to truly get stuck as a termite threatens DPS while healing her party through the Wind Companion skill (50% chance to heal the normal attack team).

A great choice for a belligerent Jean wanting to be stuck. Great heal and damage.

The Flute

A more balanced option is The Flute, which requires Jean to be less trapped for high impact. The% ATK rate is staggering (again, everything is hit-rate) for her healing and damage, while Chord is great for explosive deals through blow attacks AoE at 5 stacks of Harmonic.

Good for both DPS and Jean focus support.

Skyward Blade

Skyward Blade all in Jean’s Elemental Burst. The recharged energy means it increases more often, while Sky-piercing Fang significantly increases his potency after using Dandelion Breeze. Geat for works with Jean’s priority as support or auxiliary.

There are many other weapon options available to Jean – this is not exhaustive. Other options for DPS include Black Sword and Prototype Rancor, while Sacrifice Sword (especially if you need Energy Recharge) and Fillet Blade are good options for building a more support-focused Jean.

Artifacts – Genshin Impact Jean

Genshin Impact Jean can take a few possible paths with her artifact setup. Gladiator’s 4-piece full Finale definitely tops many lists, with a 53% full boost to her basic attack DMG – that’s a lot of damage and healing.

Another good option is the 2-piece Viridescent Venerer and the Gladiator’s 2-piece Finale to broaden Jean’s play a little more, adding a 15% buff to Anemo DMG to power her Elemental Skill and her powerful Burst.

Speaking of which, you can run the full Viridescent Venerer if you really want to play to Jean’s Anemo’s capabilities. They attack hard and they attack in great AoE, so you can definitely go this route if you want to run Genshin Impact Jean as an Anemo Enabler – use Swirl to torture enemies affected by the Elements and receive Swirl DMG and Elemental RES debuff rewards.

To be honest, full Noblesse Oblige is usually the better way if you want to play Jean’s, Elemental Burst. A 20% increase in Burst’s damage along with a 20% attack on the entire party is hard to beat – it still increases her Burst’s strength but also increases the party’s strength and attack-based heal Jean.

Final thoughts for the complete Guide and the huge Elemental Master’s item for the entire team. It’s great if you want to really hit hard with Whirl damage and set up a massive Elemental Reaction sequence.

Artifact Stats

Genshin Impact Jean

Genshin Impact Jean is relatively straightforward to do with just Pure Attack stats in any build but to really motivate her to master the gameplay, you’d better focus a little harder. Crit is the priority for the DPS focus, while Energizing is all-important for support:

DPS Stat Priority

  • Crit Rate (50~%+)
  • Crit DMG
  • ATK
  • Physical DMG

Enabler and Support Stat Priority

  • Energy Recharge
  • Elemental Mastery
  • ATK