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Genshin Impact Mona guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Mona

One of Genshin Impact’s editing queens, Genshin Impact Mona has some of the most impactful abilities in the game. She is suitable for the role of a guide, setting Elemental responses and controlling the battle, but also acting as a special carrying threat – the choice is yours.

Weapons – Genshin Impact Mona

Genshin Impact Mona

Mona excels at mob control while offering impressive damage and elemental set-ups. The real question is whether you want to rely on her utility and her setup or her damage and explode when you choose her Catalyst.

The Widsith

Top choice for building Genshin Impact Mona that focuses on the damage. Mona’s damage is tied to every stat that Debut can give, and the Crit DMG that Widsith naturally gives is great.

Even if you don’t want to use her as a DPS choice, The Widsith is exceptional for a purely more utility-focused role as it boosts the power of her Elemental Burst. if nothing else, even if it’s less concentrated than empowering elemental reactions.

Mappa Mare – Genshin Impact Mona

On the other hand, Mappa Mare is exactly like that. Elemental Mastery allows all the reactions Mona could hope for (read: Vaporise and Freeze), while the Infusion Scroll ability also increases Elemental’s DMG.

This is arguably Catalyst’s best choice if you want to run Mona as a trigger and it’s fine if you want to run her as a DPS or a boom option. Better yet, the Mappa Mare can be forged so you don’t even have to roll around looking for it.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

Lost Prayer is another good option for a DPS Mona. What it lacks in its versatility and raw explosive potential compared to The Widsith, it also compensates for the scale damage from its Boundless Blessing ability along with Crit Rate.

That said, it requires Mona to stay on the scene for a long time – which is fine, but it means it’s tougher to set up for the response that Stellaris Phantasm sets up for very nice. Build the right team.

Favonius Codex

Finally, the Favonius Codex also pairs well with Mona’s kit. Energy Recharge has always been a powerful choice for Genshin Impact Mona builds because a) it means more Elemental Bursts, and b) she converts 20% of her energy into Hydro DMG with Waterborne Destiny, which means it also has a punch.

Consider this for any build outside of a pure DPS roadmap – just doesn’t need Crit to really get this Catalyst doing that role.

Other good options beyond the ones listed include Magic Guide (3 * and easily obtainable) and Solar Pearl.

Artifacts – Genshin Impact Mona

Genshin Impact Mona

Like with her choice of weapons, what artifacts you run on Mona really depend on your ultimate goal: utility or damage. Even with that in mind, a really powerful option that fits both concepts is a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige with 2-piece Wanderer’s Troupe increasing her Burst damage by 20% and her Elemental Mastery up. 80.

Keep in mind that even in the sub DPS / DPS role, a lot of Mona’s lethality is tied to how easily she performs her elemental Reactions and great Elemental Effort – hence The 2 pieces of Noblesse Oblige. However, replacing Noblesse Oblige with Gladiator’s 2-piece Finale is a better DPS option. All of Mona’s abilities scale very well with the + 18% TC it gives and that means less reliance on waiting for her Elemental Burst to reduce cooldowns.

At the other end of the spectrum, the 4 pieces of Noblesse Oblige are tailored to make Mona the Queen of the Elemental Blasts. + 20% damage from Elemental Burst and an additional 20% attack on the party for 12 seconds is the synergy created in heaven for the Stellaris Phantasm and Omen it inflicts.

Other options include Wanderer’s Troupe’s full team and a focus on electrically assisted cars it powers DPS Mona or The Exile, Scholar, and Coach as a 2-piece set to fill gaps. for which 5 * artifacts have not been purchased (especially for Noblesse Oblige), or even a full set if needed.

On that trait system, some Genshin Impact Mona vendors recommend picking 2-piece Berserker and 2-piece The Exile if you’re struggling to get good 5 * artifacts for a Mona DPS – you can’t go wrong with Crit Rate and Energy Recharge on Mona.