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Genshin Impact Noelle guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Noelle

What anime-inspired game would be complete without a Battle Maid? Genshin Impact Noelle the French Maid is armed with sturdy bill suit armor, and she gives the power to match her Knights aspirations.

She is great support, giving both resilience and shielding to a team, but don’t get rid of her DPS abilities, especially at higher Constellation Tiers.

Weapons – Genshin Impact Noelle

Genshin Impact Noelle

Noelle’s choice of weapons is often determined by different preferences compared to other Claymore wielders. Specifically, while Attack and Crit are nothing short of noticeable, serious considerations need to be taken about boosting her shield and Defense – much of her kit depends on how well Defense and by expanding her shield.


Arguably the strongest weapon for Genshin Impact Noelle, at least from a holistic perspective. DEF% is a staggering secondary stat for Noelle as her entire item is reduced, and the Infusion Blade ability only reduces it even more. Even more intriguing is that Whiteblind is forged, and is therefore fairly easy to both grasp and tweak.

As a side note, if you plan to use Whiteblind, please try not to turn on Noelle’s Elemental Bomb until you have fully stacked the Infusion Blade: The ATK reward from Scan Time is only counted once as soon as it is activated and then remains unchanged, so you want to activate all damage amps before you activate it.

Sacrificial Greatsword

Another good option. Although the Great Sword sacrificed did not have a% of the Whiteblind’s inborn DEF, Renewable Energy is a good alternative. Composed also gives a good chance to reduce Breast’s cooldown, works well with “Nice and Clean”, which also reduces the cooldown of the skill.

In other words, the more possibilities of time. Great for support and healing building, not bad for a DPS focus.

Skyward Pride – Genshin Impact Noelle

For a more aggressive build, DPS looks no different from Skyward Pride. It still comes with some benefits with Energy Recharge, but Sky-ripping Dragon Spine makes Noelle’s Elemental Burst DPS powerful. Put the Breastplate and Sweep Time away, then rotate and watch the vacuum blades work.

Great for an extra DPS or DPS Noelle still has good resilience while she’s crying out at enemies. If you can put Noelle on Constellation Level 6, make sky rockets a priority because of her ability to convert DEF into ATK.

The Unforged

All new with Patch 1.1 is The Unforged. Golden Majesty’s 20% increased shield power is a significant boost to Breastplate’s strength and smoothes out some of the cracks left by an Attack stat heavy weapon. Unforged is all around Genshin Impact Noelle being shielded, then staying shielded to take the greater damage the weapon offers when protected by the shield.

If you want to run this option seriously consider running a full Retracing Bolide as an artifact to maximize her DPS uptime and double her shield stat = damage, because don’t be mistaken. And, this is a DPS option. Again, C6 raises the priority of this option.

Artifacts – Genshin Impact Noelle

Genshin Impact Noelle

The Full Maiden Beloved is a good choice for a shielded, support Noelle. You maximize healing effectiveness, sometimes requiring a little boost with Noelle, and guarantee a maximum 50% + chance to heal when hit by Breastplate active. If you have Level 1 or above Constellation, then this set also actually uses Noelle’s 100% chance to heal on hit when both her Elemental Skill and her Burst are active at the same time thanks to “I Got Your Back ”.

Another good option is Defender’s Will’s 2 pieces plus 2 Maiden Beloved pieces. It sacrifices some regeneration effect for higher defense, which means both the shield is harder and the DPS is higher when Scan Time is activated.

You can convert Defender’s Will for 2 Retracing Bolide shards for more reliable field healing – a stronger shield means less chance of breakage, so the healing time will be higher – But remember the enhancement effects only affect the wearer of the artifact. That means the effect of the Chest Sticker will be reduced for the rest of your team when Genshin Impact Noelle is not on the field and you don’t have the Raw Maiden’s raw regeneration.

Finally, for a DPS Noelle, as always, Gladiator’s Finale’s has always been an effective set for melee fighters, but the better one is the 4-piece Retracing Bolide. Both a Geo user and a shield character inherent in her set, it’s easy for her to have an active shield (so it would be beneficial when they get buffed) and real turns. damage utilization increases when shielded from the full set. Give Ice Cream.