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Genshin Impact Razor guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Razor

Genshin Impact Razor is MiHoYo’s Princess Mononoke, a werewolf boy that fights wild brothers beside him. A DPS Electro warrior armed with Claymore, Razor is a helpful member of any team. He’s a very reliable character, good at everything, but lacking in grandeur. That said, as a four-star character, he’s much easier to acquire than some of Genshin Impact’s more elite individuals. Handy for players who want to avoid sacrificing their money for gacha gods.

Genshin Impact Razor overview

The Razor is a DPS Claymore fighter and offers a steady combination of regular attacks, Electro damage, one-on-one combat, AoE damage, party boosts, and speed boost. recharge. He’s a real utility man, fundamentally capable of healing not a Swiss army knife of Genshin Impact. He probably won’t be anyone’s dream team ahead of his five-star competition, but he’s a malleable member no matter who else you have in your ranks.

Normal attack: Steel Fang

Normal Attack: Genshin Impact Razor performs four consecutive non-electrical attacks.

Charged Attack: Razor swirls around and attacks all surrounding enemies, ending with a powerful slash. This move consumes Stamina.

Plunging Attack: Razor strikes down and deals AoE damage on the ground.

Elemental Skill: Claw and Thunder

Razor spins forward, dealing Electro damage via electric claws. For each hit, Razor will receive an Electro Sigil, which stacks up to three bullets. Charge Claw and Lightning with these Marks will create an AoE storm that deals massive electrical damage.

Elemental Burst: Lightning Fang

Razor summons an Electro wolf to battle with him, increasing his Speed ​​and Electrical resistance, and giving him Immunity to any near Electron states. The wolf itself will attack with Electro damage each time Razor unleashes a Basic Attack but will nullify Razor’s Charged attack.


Awakening: 18% less cooldown for Claw and Thunder.

Hunger: When Razor’s Mana drops below half, its recharge rate increases by 30 percent.

Wolvensprint: All team members Stamina consumption is reduced by 20%.

Best Genshin Impact Razor build

Razor is best suited for the standard DPS role, focusing on his Electro abilities. However, you may already have some top DPS fighters and are looking for Razor to fill the void. In that case, he can also be a support fighter.

Electro DPS

Four-star weapon

Razor is more likely to be used by F2P players who rarely pull packs, so it seems stupid to suggest pairing him with a five-star weapon that you wouldn’t pull. This is the case, here is the best alternative. His five-star build, however, can be found below, just in case.

Aminus prototype: When hit, basic or cumulative attacks have a 50 percent chance to deal an additional 240 percent attack damage to enemies within a small AoE. It can happen once every 15 seconds.

Five-star weapon

If you’re looking to pair Genshin Impact Razor with the five-star Claymore, look no further than Wolf’s Tomb; a weapon suitable for werewolf boy.

Wolf’s Gravestone: Increases attack by 20 percent. When hit, attacks against enemies with less than 30% HP will increase the attack power of all party members by 40% for 12 seconds. It can happen every 30 seconds.


Gladiator Finale set: 2 parts: physical damage plus 18%. 4 parts: 35 percent attack damage for Claymore’s attacks.



Genshin Impact Razor should use the same weapons as the DPS recommendation, with the Artifact set changed.


Thundering Fury Set: 2 parts: Increases the Electro damage by 15%. 4 parts: Razor gets a 40% increase in all damage done by Overload, Charge, and Superconductivity.