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Genshin Impact Sucrose guide: weapons, artifacts, and more

Genshin Impact Sucrose

She may be a shy alchemist, but Genshin Impact Sucrose is the highest level Enabler in Genshin Impact. That means she’s only focused on setting Elemental Reactions, either by creating them herself or empowering her teammates to do it.

Demolish the hatches, this is how Sucrose performs trials of dealing with your foes in style.

Weapons for Genshin Impact Sucrose

Genshin Impact Sucrose

Sucrose is one of the Actress queens in Genshin Impact, and her Catalyst choices reflect that. Here are some better options to get her attention:

Sacrificial Fragments

The strongest On option on the list. Genshin Impact Sucrose is stimulated by her exorbitant long cooldown (15 seconds for Elemental Skills and 20 seconds for her Explosive), and the Sacrifice has a long way to go to reduce it. some of that.

The key to that is that Composed offers a significant opportunity to automatically refresh “Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308”, especially since its AoE nature means it has plenty of opportunities to proc. Add some Elemental Mastery (a key stat for Sucrose) and you have a top catalyst selection.

Mappa Mare – Genshin Impact Sucrose

That said, the Mappa Mare offers tough competition. It also gives the coveted Elemental Mastery, But the Infusion Scroll adds more power to Sucrose’s own Damage. If you can use her Elemental Skill on her Burst while creating Elemental Reactions – as you should still consider – then the raw damage Sucrose can do even from version Enabler’s build support is very powerful.

Better yet, you can forge the Mappa Mare, making it easy to grasp and refine – no need to pray to the gacha gods on this one!

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds

On the other end of the scale is Lost Prayer with sacred ropes. It is a great Catalyst choice if you want Sucrose to be a serious DPS threat. If you have her in Level 4 or above Constellation, then a DPS build is incredibly powerful and the Crit Rate, Movement Speed, and Stacked Elemental DMG Rewards are all the exact metrics Sucrose regards center.

Other options in the same circuit include Skyward Atlas, The Widsith, and Solar Pearl, all of which are all less reliant on being on the field to inflict damage on the Lost Prayer, so it’s worth investigating to build. DPS / Burst filler on Genshin Impact Sucrose.

Artifacts for Genshin Impact Sucrose

Genshin Impact Sucrose

Aside from that, it’s really the best choice for Sucrose in whatever ability you want to play her. The 15% Anemo DMG Bonus is great for Anemo Catalyst users, but the effect of the 4-piece set adds 60% DMG to the Spinning and reduces the enemy’s elemental RES on the infused Element is huge for Sucrose.

It combines very well with both Burst’s Elemental Absorption and Her Ascension, Transforming Catalysts, increasing the characters’ Elemental Proficiency in accordance with the Reaction’s infused element. eddy. You increase your team’s damage while simultaneously reducing your opponent’s defenses against that damage – you just can’t get past it.

If you’re having trouble finding good rewards for the Viridescent Venerer, then Full Guide is a good backup. Genshin Impact Sucrose thrives on Elemental Mastery, so this is a really pretty strong pick. For DPS steps back, consider Wanderer’s Troupe and Noblesse Oblige.