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Genshin Impact Tartaglia guide: weapons, artifacts, and Skills

Genshin Impact Tartaglia

Genshin Impact Tartaglia is the only character who can seriously challenge Diluc’s claim to be the best in the game. He can tear through any enemy with his Hydro attacks, especially when upgraded. He’s so strong that you can put any weapon in his hand and he will still wreak havoc on most enemies. It would be a pity, however, to waste Tartaglia’s talent with a poor build.

Genshin Impact Tartaglia overview

Genshin Impact Tartaglia

According to Genshin Impact Tartaglia himself, the only reason he used a bow was that it was the weapon he was the worst at, which made him more interested in hitting people when he was out of power. Considering how well he appeared with the bow, it was a terrifying thought. Good thing he is on your side, huh?

Normal attack: Cutting Torrent

  • Normal Attack: Tartaglia performs six archery shots in a row.
  • Charged Attack: Tartaglia targets a super charged arrow for Hydro damage. Any enemy hit with a full shot will take Riptide damage, dealing AoE Hydro damage.
  • Charge attack: Tartaglia shoots multiple arrows in mid-air and then plunges down, dealing AoE damage upon landing.

Elemental Skill: Raging Tide

This gives Tartaglia a new arsenal of water, making him a melee fighter in no time and granting him a new assault kit.

  • Normal Attack: Tartaglia performs up to six Hydro attacks in a row.
  • Charged Attack: Tartaglia performs a diagonal slash of Hydro, which consumes Stamina.
  • Riptide Slash: If Tartaglia hits an opponent affected by Riptide, he will deal AoE Hydro damage. It can only cast once every 1.5 seconds.

You can return to Tartaglia’s Ranged posture at any time. The longer he’s in Melee, the longer the cooldown. After 30 seconds, he automatically returns to Ranged and the cooldown is increased.

Elemental Burst: Obliteration

  • There are two types, depending on whether Genshin Impact Tartaglia is in commando or melee position.
  • Ranged: Tartaglia shoots a powerful Hydro arrow, dealing AoE damage and Riptide.
  • Melee: Tartaglia performs a Hydro slash with AoE, activating Riptide Blast.


  • Never Ending: Extends Riptide by 8 seconds.
  • Sword Of Torrents: When in melee position, any critical attack will automatically apply Riptide.
  • Master Of Weaponry: Increases Normal Attack level of all party members by one.

Best Tartaglia build

Genshin Impact Tartaglia

Tartaglia works best as the DPS. As rare and strong as he is, it’s no use trying to put him on the team like anything else. As one of the best warriors in the game, you want to build him up for the DPS role.


The Stringless: This bow develops Tartaglia’s hydrogen energy, making it the great Elemental DPS bow. It increased Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst’s damage by 24 percent, doubling it by 48 percent when fully upgraded. It produces a serious punch and could leave Genshin Impact Tartaglia even unstoppable.

Rust: This arc is more about physical damage than hydrogen and is a good alternative. It increases the power of Normal Fires but has a slight cost on Targeted Shoots.


Noblesse Oblige: 2 parts: Elemental Burst damage increased by 20%. 4 parts: Using Elemental Burst increases all party members’ Attack stats by 20% for 12 seconds, but this effect cannot stack.