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Genshin Impact: The best Xinyan Weapons and Artifacts Build


Xinyan is the newest 4-star character to come to Genshin Impact. She is a Rock ‘n Roll musician from Liyue. For her skills, Xinyan is equipped with Pyro elements which provide a Pyro shield that is able to withstand the opponent’s attacks as well as attacking them.


Xinyan is more inclined towards DPS or Sub DPS roles. Because Xinyan is able to provide normal and high charge attacks, at the same time and with the help of high Pyro DMG from Elemental Skills and Burst.

Therefore, using weapons and artifacts with the effect of increasing  Attack%, ​​Crit DMG, Crit Rate, and Elemental Mastery is recommended.

Xinyan Weapon Recommendations

For the first weapon recommendation, is Wolf’s Gravestone (5✰) which has the ability to increase base ATK by 20%. And when attacking enemies with HP less than 30% will increase all base ATK for party members by 40% for 12 seconds. This effect can only be active once every 30 seconds.

The next recommendation is Skyward Pride (5✰) which has the ability to increase all damage by 8%. After using Elemental Burst, Normal or Charged Attack will then create a vacuum blade that causes 80% damage to enemies. 

Next  is the Rainslasher (4✰), a weapon that has the ability to increase damage to enemies hit by Hydro or Electro by 20%.

And for the last recommendation, is Prototype Aminus (4✰), When attacking, Normal or Charged Attack has a 50% chance to cause an additional 240% damage to enemies in a small area. Can only be triggered once every 15 seconds.

Artifact Recommendations


As mentioned earlier, Xinyan is a character that can be used as a Main DPS. A character who can deal the possible damage. Hence, the focus of the status of the Xinyan artifact is – 

Timepiece: ATK%; Goblet: Pyro DMG Bonus% or Physical DMG Bonus%; Circlet: Crita Rate  DMG%, ATK%.

For the suggested set of artifacts – –

Crimson Witch of Flame Set:

2 sets: Pyro damage bonus + 15%; 4 sets: Increases Overloaded and Burning damage by 40%. 

Increases Vaporize and Melt damage by 15%. Using Elemental Skills will increase the effect of these 2 sets of artifacts by 50% for 10 seconds. Maximum 3 stacks.

This is probably the best artifact for Xinyan because with 4 sets of Crimson Witch of Flame, Xinyan that relies on Pyro’s DMG to attack enemies will have the maximum attack DMG burst.   Xinyan Elemental Burst will be greatly benefitted  by this set.

Gladiator’s Finale + Bloodstained Chivalry Set:

2 sets: Increases ATK by 18%; 2 sets: Increases Physical DMG Bonus by 25%.

If you choose this set, Xinyan focuses her stats on Physical DMG from Normal and Charge Attack.