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Genshin Impact: The Things You Must Prepare for Adventure Rank 50

Genshin Impact

The Adventure Rank limit of Genshin Impact is level 60. Even so, players can still raise the highest character level up to 90 after increasing Adventure Rank to 50. This is where players will be faced with a new and very challenging adventure. There are many things that need to be considered if you are getting ready to enter World Level 7. 

Genshin Impact

Moreover, there are many things players can get and do after Adventure Rank 50. Check out these important things if you want to enter the highest level in Genshin Impact. Let’s take a look!

Hold on to World Level to Raise Character Level

If previously you were rushing your World Level, this time you should hold your level for a while. At least, prepare one level 90 DPS character to step in World Level 7. The reason is because the enemies in World level 7 are very dangerous. Moreover, the elemental-type World Boss in Genshin Impact had very strong attacks. However, they also provided better rewards for players.

If your level gap is too far away, You can travel to lower World Level to collect EXP materials. 

It can be found in treasure chests and they’re given as rewards for finishing Domains and quests. It takes hundreds of EXP cards to be able to raise a character’s level from 80 to 90. So, try to save your EXP cards.

Find the Best Artifact – Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

The players who could survive at World Level 7 were those with high level Artifacts. The status of ATK or Heal will be very influential, so that players can slaughter the World Boss or Domain. At the very least, collect 5-star Artifacts with a status suitable for the main characters.

After entering World Level 7, you should focus on finding superior Artifacts with Secondary Stats to increase the build of each character. Actually, you can access the highest Domain Artifact at level 45. And some level 80 characters can defend against level 90 monsters in it.

Focus on Weapon – Genshin Impact

Entering Adventure Rank 50, players can collect at least a dozen of characters. For the purposes of the Spiral Abyss, players need at least two teams of eight characters to complete each floor. After Adventure Rank 50, it seems that looking for characters is no longer the main focus, if you have the right team composition.

Don’t look for a lot of DPS characters in the team. In fact, you can look for a 5-star weapon for your DPS character in the gacha on every banner. 

Challenge the Higher Domain

Genshin Impact

One of the main advantages of leveling up to a higher World Level is a more challenging Domain.The rewards you get from Domain World Level 7 have a better chance of being a 5-star Artifact or a character’s Ascend ingredient. In fact, the Trounce Domain that you beat every week can give you 4-star Weapon ingredients for free.

By entering Trounce Domain every week, you can increase the talent level of each character more easily. Moreover, Domains from Ascend Weapon or Artifact have a higher chance of dropping better quality items. Just hurry up and start farming now!