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Ghost of Tsushima Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is a story that spans an entire island. A lot of the mechanics are similar to other open-world games, but the sheer amount to do – and the fascinating way to explore the island – takes your breath away. 

Take Your Time

Ghost of Tsushima

The game you play at the start of Ghost of Tsushima isn’t the same as the one you’ll play a few hours later. That’s the problem – Jin abandoned the tradition of the samurai to become a stealthy, stealthy killing machine.

Getting to grips with that will make it easier to play the game for the first few hours. At first, you won’t have any hidden options. You have no ranged weapons. There’s been nothing like ghosts about Jin for a while.

During the Tales section of the prologue (quests and side quests), you’ll learn abilities and collect gear that will spark your transformation. However, those tasks take time, so don’t try to rush them.

Exploring The Map – Ghost of Tsushima

The famous island of Tsushima absolutely has a lot to explore. You’ll find things like Hot Springs, Fox Dens, Bamboo Strikes, and temples. These locations will appear on your map as a question mark until you investigate them, most of them will improve Jin in some way. Hot Springs increase your health, Temples reward you with new enchantments (items that add to your abilities), and Fox Dens add more enchantment slots.

These last three tips are all the same: Explore, discover, discover, and do everything you find. Every location you clear on the map improves Jin’s ability. Each roadside ambush you survive increases your Legend (which ultimately earns you Tech – or skill – points), everything you do benefits you, so take the time to do it.

Change Outfit On The Fly – Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

In Level 1, you’ll have several different outfits and armors. Treat your outfit as a situation and change it accordingly. You’ll have the damage-reducing Samurai Clan Armor ideal for combat, a Traveler’s Outfit that helps you find collectibles and locations on the map, and armor types that focus on ranged and stealth weapons. Figure.

You don’t have to have – and shouldn’t have – a favorite among them. You should change your outfit (in the Gear > Outfit menu) often. Each comes with benefits and offers tailored for certain situations. As you’re walking across the island, put on your Tourist Outfit. When you enter a fight – or even mid-battle, since it’s an instant switch – switch to your Samurai Clan Armor. Change your clothes to fit your needs.

Fall Damage

Ghost of Tsushima

You won’t have to climb too much in Ghost of Tsushima. When you do, it’s clearly marked and a mechanic simple to navigate – at least while climbing the cliffs. Climbing down is a bit more complicated and dangerous. Fall damage is a matter of serious consideration in Tsushima, and the difference between a fall you survive, one that damages you, and one that kills you altogether.

When climbing down the cliff, make sure you look for the R2 prompt indicating a safe route to climb. Unless you’re confident, don’t jump off a cliff. You’ll eventually be able to unlock a Technique (under Techniques > Ghosting > Evolutionary Tactics > Assassination > Safe Landing) that makes most falls survivable. But even then, you would still overestimate Jin’s abilities.