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GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow Prediction – ESL Pro League – 11/23

GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow Prediction

GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow Prediction

GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow prediction on November 23, 2021. Despite the decline, it must be said that GODSENT’s win rate in most maps is still very good. So they will take advantage of the ban/pick phase in this match.

GODSENT Overview

Fate helped GODSENT to be rematched with Wisla Krakow in the playoffs of ESL Pro League Conference Season 15. They received a bitter 0-2 loss to Wisla Krakow earlier this year at the Pinancle Cup. The desire for revenge is like that, but GODSENT’s performance is going down. The statistics of the last 10 matches this team only won 4 victories. Therefore, despite being highly regarded as a team with good rankings, GODSENT will face many difficulties in this match.

Wisla Krakow Overview

Although only ranked 54th in the world at the moment, Wisla Krakow will have no trouble playing a fair match with the opponent. They are in a more positive form when they won 6 and lost only 4 in the last 10 matches. Obviously, with a game that relies heavily on individual skill but CSGO, high performance is quite important. Wisla Krakow is expected to cause many difficulties for GODSENT in this match. Taking the opportunity that the opposing team is having a series of bad performances.

GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow Prediction

Owning up to 5 maps with a superior rate compared to the opponent, GODSENT will be more interested in the ban phase. But the pick is not needed immediately, it will be the opening ban on Dust 2 in their last 5 matches, they only won 1 time. Not only that, Wisla Krakow has a stable win rate of 55%. In the last 3 months, they shot this map 11 times in official tournaments.

However, Wisla Krakow is still there giving me the opportunity to bring back Nuke, which is their highest win rate map at the moment with 67% in 12 shots. As for GODSENT, this map is not their forte, the 50% win rate in 14 shots of this map says a lot. 

However, bringing home a winning game will be all that Wisla Krakow can do in this match. All the remaining GODSENT maps have a superior win rate. The score of 2-1 in favor of GODSENT is considered to be the most reasonable. At this time when their performance is declining, but they are still the team with a superior ranking compared to the opponent. 

Moreover, the fact that Wisla Krakow only plays impressively in certain maps is also their weakness. So when placed in their forte, they play stably and when they are not, they only fail.

GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow Bet Prediction

GODSENT vs Wisla Krakow total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Wisla Krakow 0 – 1 GODSENT
  • Game 2: Wisla Krakow 1 – 0 GODSENT
  • Game 3: Wisla Krakow 0 – 1 GODSENT

Total score 2-1 (Wisla Krakow wins the handicap 1.5)

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: GODSENT
  • Game 2: GODSENT
  • Game 3: Wisla Krakow

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: GODSENT 16-9 Wisla Krakow (Under)
  • Game 2: GODSENT 13-16 Wisla Krakow (Over)
  • Game 3: GODSENT 16-11 Wisla Krakow (Over)


GODSENT: TACO, felps, b4rtiN,dumau, latto

Wisla Krakow: SZPERO, jedqr, MarkoĊ›, phr, Goofy