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Gordian Quest Guide – Some Useful Tips For Starters

Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest is definitely an interesting roguelite. Powered to us by Mixed Realms, it sees you play as one of six potential heroes as you travel through Westmire, an area threatened by the undead as you attempt to free Hidden Earth from a curse. its. It combines turn-based combat with Dungeons & Dragons-style mechanics, using the deck of your skills each hero possesses to stop the undead.

Lucius And Bertram – Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest

As mentioned before, you will be able to choose one of six heroes at the start of the game. After this, you’ll have a total of three people allowed to join your party, but shortly after the start, you can choose a second hero to go with as you enter the grand lobby. So you might ask, why two? It is to cover your bases and achieve a wider attack range.

Bertram has low HP but the main advantage is ranged attack, using archery to defeat enemies and hit them from a wide distance, including enemies in the rear. By comparison, Lucius is a good frontline hero with high strength and better HP, but he can only hit the first enemy in the column. Bertram can also learn to the turret, which gives you an extra attack outside of his turn, so you should mix up your playstyles from the start.

Keep Reviewing Inventory – Gordian Quest

It’s easy to forget this, but one thing that will save your team from frequent deaths is regular inventory reviews. I don’t just mean items designed for combat, which need to be replenished after use, as this applies to your wearable as well. As you progress through battles, you’ll begin to gain huge amounts of loot through gold, items, and other gear, such as new swords, bows, amulets, shields, and more. so more.

These will prove essential, as it can increase stats such as increasing your gold gain after a battle or new skills to use in battle, so these reviews are highly recommended. encourage. Traveling wider also use up your supplies as heroes require rations for food and water, so don’t forget to buy these in bulk at the Barracks. After all, a hungry hero that can’t get through the map won’t make it.

Do Not Forget To Guard

Gordian Quest

It can be tempting to go all out on an enemy in combat, but in Gordian Quest, it’s rarely wise, especially at the start of combat. Sometimes the best defense is a good attack, but the healing isn’t as generous as other games, so you’ll carry that damage after battles until you rest. or use recovery items.

Therefore, defense is key to your success, and most decks have a guard or guard skill, allowing you to increase your armor count. The higher you go, the more deflection damage, and cards that keep you alert increase your armor gain by 30%. Enemies often come in waves, depending on the fight, so even if they’re not on the board yet, you’ll need to save up your HP to finish them off.

Equip Items For Battle

Gordian Quest

We’re used to games where inventory seems bottomless, allowing you to carry as many items as you want regardless of practicality. The Gordian Quest certainly lets you carry a lot of items, but if you’ve entered combat without it, it’ll be useless until you’re done.

You’ll gain a variety of items as you progress beyond simple health regen, with some defensive items allowing you to restore HP or increase armor without spending AP. Others can provide temporary skills or hit enemies with a grenade-style attack, so you have to pay to have one of each equipped. After an item is used, you need to remember to re-equip a new item; otherwise, you will be left in the battle.