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Granblue Fantasy: Beelzebub Fighting Guide


As one of the first two DLC characters to be added to the game, Beelzebub is a fearsome warrior with some strong points. This majestic character acts as one of the main antagonists in the game and offers an arsenal of devastating special moves and moves. His visual design alone is enough to draw players into the character. With a “sharp” aesthetic and loads of great weapons and magic-based attacks, this character is both hilarious and frightening.

This guide will provide some essential tips and tricks for players who want to use the villain’s diverse and devastating weapons to destroy their opponents in the competitive or casual play section.

Understanding the Strengths of Beelzebub


A potential character with versatile attacks, Beelzebub is a powerful all-around warrior. With long-range basic attacks and powerful special moves, he is an oppressive threat on the battlefield and one that should not be taken lightly.

When discussing his normal attacks, it seems that he is quite “chubby” at first glance. His mid-range long-range attack was a circular kick rather than any sword slash or anything like that. However, the attack has a long-range and allows him to punish and poke with a fast start-up speed and good range. Where his range becomes extremely dangerous are his powerful heavy attacks.

While standing, Beelzebub will use a long-range wing slash that covers a lot of horizontal space. This is his main tool for neutral control and punishing opponents for pressing the button excessively. This attack coupled with his powerful cowering heavy attack demonstrates his outstanding range for his basic attacks.

While his crouched weight lacks any real horizontal range, it makes up for it with one of the longest longitudinal attacks in the game. Making him able to punish seemingly imperfect moves like Lancelot’s shift or Ferry’s whip swing.

The character’s outstanding point is in its flexible and powerful special moves. Starting with his unique attack, the character performs a teleport that allows him to disappear then reappear behind his foe.

This attack is extremely insecure and should not be performed recklessly, however, if used intelligently, it can punish the heavy characters of the fireball or if used. Behind his fireball can allow the slow character to commit his offense. Moving on to his special projectile, this attack is one of the best in the game.

Beelzebub’s Weaknesses


With all of his strengths, it seems that this character cannot weaken in any way. However, although the character shines in many such aspects, it is not without a few mistakes that make the character paralyzed.

The first man he had had an incredible walking speed. His moves are comparable to that of Vaseraga, who is considered to be the slowest in the entire game. While this may seem like a small point, running in this game has serious downsides, so the character’s walking speed will be the main way for them to nudge on strong zoning characters.

Beelzebub also struggled against clever steering wheelers, as his projectile was a bit slow for a character like Katalina or Ferry’s whip. Even his seemingly sure counter-zoning in teleportation can be punished if a player is smart enough. This forces him to dodge and move in to attack characters from a long-range.

Even thinking about these obvious weaknesses, Beelzebub remains a viable and powerful character in his own right. He offers one of the funniest gameplay in the entire game and is a terrifying force in and out of arena space.