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Grand Theft Auto Online: 5 Tips You Need To Know

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

If you’re just starting out in Grand Theft Auto Online, there are a few things you should be aware of.

GTA Online is still as popular as ever. If you haven’t yet joined in the fun, there’s no better time than now. Of course, you should not rush into traffic with your eyes closed. That would be a good analogy for someone who is new to GTA Online. Newcomers should temper their expectations by learning these facts about GTA Online ahead of time.

Expect Some Griefers in Grand Theft Auto Online

Griefing in Grand Theft Auto Online is already a given, where players can murder one another with no consequences. It can’t be avoided; there are many high level players who will jump at the chance to prey on low level ones; such is the natural cycle.

As a result, anticipating this type of welcoming human behavior is part of the experience. Intentional trolling or outright ruining the fun for others is normal in GTA Online, as it is in other competitive online games.

Expect Cheaters in GTA Online

Speaking of ruining other people’s experiences, if you play Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, be prepared for “modders” who add cheats to the game. As it stands, there are still a lot of them in the game, and some of them may have even gotten more creative. The majority of cheaters want to illegally increase their in game money.

Rockstar Games deals with them on a regular basis, enforcing increasingly harsher punishments to ensure that their crimes are not overlooked. Consoles may provide a cleaner GTA Online experience for those who prefer it.

Avoid public lobbies, as much as possible

Having said that, some of the most lawless and wild places in GTA Online tend to be restricted to public servers. These are the areas where the most chaos occurs. 

Expect to be run over by a DeLorean or chased by a fighter jet if you enter and risk play in a public lobby. It’s part of the enjoyment if that’s what you want, but it’s not suitable to progress. Fortunately, there are private or invite-only lobbies with better regulations that serve all players’ fun.

Don’t Splurge Your Grand Theft Auto Online In-Game Money

Speaking of resource hogs, knowing where to spend your money in Grand Theft Auto could be a simulation for real life frugality. Buying the most expensive items in the game to show off how Gucci you are can lead nowhere, especially if the items in question are vehicles.

The same is true for purchasing a full arsenal of firearms. Players only need one or two weapons at most. The remainder should be saved or invested in something that will generate returns rather than becoming a liability. 

GTA Online is Full Of Grinding | Grand Theft Auto Online

While we’re on the subject of time and patience, instant gratification simply does not exist in GTA Online. Don’t expect huge mission payouts like in GTA V’s Story Mode. GTA Online’s gameplay philosophy and structure are unique.

As a result, the best way to succeed in this game and make a lot of money is to grind for content or buy your way into elite status with Shark Cards. Doing missions with your friends or groups is recommended to reduce the burden of grinding.