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Graveyard Keeper Guide – Beginners Tips And Tricks

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper

In Graveyard Keeper, you were teleported to an alternate reality after being hit by a car on your way home and now a talking skull has brought you the bad news that you are the custodian of the new cemetery in town. Frightened at the prospect of having to run your own cemetery, you look to the sky for answers. Well, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered from autopsy to burial – these five tips will help any grave keeper stay on the right path to freedom.

The Tech Trees – Graveyard Keeper

In addition to the more common resources you’ll manage during your time as a Keeper of the town’s Graveyard, the game’s red, green, and blue colored exp will prove to be one of the hardest to distribute. The tech tree attached to each skill is a lot more important than what the game might initially imply. But rest assured every choice matters, and the exp, especially the color skills green, is very hard to get soon. 

Graveyard Keeper

You should take the time to read through all the different branches of the six tech trees you have access to, as this will give you an idea of ​​what you want to unlock. Your first goal is to upgrade the graveyard outside the church as quickly as possible, so pick skills with this aim.

You won’t start gaining blue exp until you’ve upgraded the graveyard and unlocked the church, as you’ll need to research in the church’s basement to get them. You will also need a pen and ink that can be purchased from Astrologer, as it can be quite difficult to craft until later in the game.

Manage Time Efficiently

You will soon find that time is a precious thing in Graveyard Keeper and that no matter what time of day it is, you will always see the clock. Your days will be divided into six icons that represent when certain main characters and activities will be available. 

When daylight disappears at an alarming rate, you’ll struggle to regulate how fast the game moves, but that could cost you early. Pay attention to which characters can be accessed on specific days, and plan what you’ll do before a lack of NPCs can mean waiting for a whole cycle to see them again. The known NPC screen is especially useful for this as each character has a corresponding icon next to them.

Understanding and mastering the Graveyard Keeper‘s six-day cycle is a huge part of success in the game – use your time wisely. Don’t come back or wait until late afternoon to talk to the characters as many of them disappear as soon as the sun starts to set. Eventually, you’ll find shortcuts to help you manage your time in a more productive way, but until then remember to plan your days accordingly.

Stockpile Resources – Graveyard Keeper

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. With that in mind, you’ll want to start using your wood and stone stockpile as soon as possible as it can cut travel time dramatically – no pun intended. Rocks can be aggregated in rough form at specific formations that tend to be located more in the northern part of the map. You will need a pickaxe to harvest the rocks. 

Logs can be found all around you but will require a certain skill that allows you to cut down trees. You will also need an ax to do this. After you’ve acquired the relevant skills and efficiently sourced points to collect them, build up your inventory as best you can.

Remember that you can only carry one stone or one log at a time, which can mean a lot of backtracking. Your best strategy is to gather a bunch of resources and then line them up and try to push them back to your field. This means, if done right, you can move four or five resource-worth of rides in a single journey.

Master Profession

Graveyard Keeper

Sometimes you can have a lot going on in Graveyard Keeper, which makes it easy to forget your main role: preparing and burying the town’s dead. You are introduced to the autopsy table at the beginning of the game and go through the burial process. 

There are, however, some hidden mechanics at work, when it comes to preparing corpses and harvesting their useful parts that you’ll need to know if you want to upgrade the graveyard and progress in the story.

For starters, make sure you dispose of a body promptly after it’s tricked out as decomposition can occur, reducing the quality of the corpse and the resources you can harvest from it. . Next, you’ll want to look at cadaver ratings – which are individual ratings for each cadaver. Once on the autopsy table, you’ll be able to see the maximum value a body can add to your graveyard represented by skulls. The skulls can be of three different types – white, red, or green. 

Graveyard Keeper

White skulls in Graveyard Keeper are the most beneficial, and each skull represents +1 points that you can add to your graveyard once the body is buried. Red skulls are the worst you can have and represent -1 points against your graveyard’s overall score. Green skulls behave like red skulls and arise from leaving the body too long to decompose.