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Gravitas vs Dire Wolves Prediction – LCO Split 2 – 07/27

Gravitas vs Dire Wolves Prediction

Gravitas vs Dire Wolves Prediction

Gravitas vs Dire Wolves prediction on July 27, 2021. In Gravitas’ lineup, there is still an extremely impressive Safa in the top lane, but as you said, a swallow doesn’t make a spring. When the remaining members did not bring any positive signs and even burdened them, it is not surprising that Gravitas has continuously declined over the past time.

Gravitas Overview

In theory, Gravitas still has a chance to finish in the top 5 when they have 6 victories and 9 losses since the beginning of the season, but with what they are showing, it is difficult for them to make a difference doubt. 

Statistics show that in the last 5 matches Gravitas only brought back 1 win, even owning 4 consecutive losses up to now. Confronting a direct opponent in the race to the top 5 like Dire Wolves is clearly a great opportunity for Gravitas, but this is a formidable opponent for them when the last 7 times they met, the loser was Gravitas.

Dire Wolves Overview

Dire Wolves currently owns the 4th position in the standings with 8 wins and 7 losses remaining since the beginning of the season, but the gap with the following teams only ranges from 1 to 2 wins. At the moment, Dire Wolves show a lack of stability when constantly winning and losing, but they will not miss the opportunity to bring home a victory when they encounter their favorite opponent. Gravitas herself is in a disastrous decline, so it is not too difficult for Dire Wolves to win.

Gravitas vs Dire Wolves prediction

The members of Dire Wolves are not tired of fighting early when they have destroyed their opponents many times in a short time. However, they are also ready to switch to long-term matches when Cupcake firmly protects gunkrab to have a shot at the end of the game. 

Dire Wolves shows that they make good use of the opponent’s mistakes to flip the bet. In this match, just a Gravitas who is not in good shape, Dire Wolves can completely overflow early to bring home the first victory as well as the advantage in the laning phase. Dire Wolves’ ability to control large targets is also slightly better than their opponents, so they can completely try to get early to the outer turret to capture Gravitas’ vision. 

Gravitas also did not show that he could compete strongly in the Baron cave at the end of the game, so Dire Wolves will take this important goal to end the game.

Gravitas vs Dire Wolves bet prediction

Gravitas vs Dire Wolves total score prediction:

Game 1: Dire Wolves

Total score 0-1 (Dire Wolves won)

Handicap bet (Dire Wolves handicap 0.5)

Choose Dire Wolves

First Blood:

Game 1: Dire Wolves

Total Kill Point:

Game 1: Gravitas 12-29 Dire Wolves (Over)

First Dragon:

Game 1: Dire Wolves


Gravitas: Safa, Azus, Kyose, Thomas Shen, Floppy

Dire Wolves: Claire,  Only , Shok , gunkrab, Cupcake