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Gravity Rush 2 Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 is out today on PS4, we had mixed feelings about the game in general. But we also enjoyed it a lot and it’s definitely more fun once you get the hang of it.

Save Gems – Gravity Rush 2

Like the first game, this game’s intricate landscape is filled with rims with small gems that are used as an upgrade currency for your abilities. While there are many in number, it can be time-consuming to find enough to upgrade even one ability. The temptation is strong, especially at first, to immediately spend all your gems at once but at least it’s wise to put some aside for later.

For one, it’s hard to nail from the start you’ll play the game, Noob or not. Just because you played the first game that focused on a certain aspect doesn’t mean you’ll want to continue in Gravity Rush 2, as the developer has tweaked all the mechanics, making some of the abilities more interesting. More taste to play than before. Give yourself time to develop your specific playstyle so you don’t end up regretting spending those precious gems on something you rarely use.

Second, new gameplay styles are unlocked at a certain point in the story. These add to what upgrades will unlock with normal people and can influence what decisions you want to make based on the style you like to use the most.

Photo Mode

The in-game photo mode is easily one of the best new features. At any point in the game, you can freeze and press up on the D-Pad to get your camera to take OP pictures, even mid-air. The world of Gravity Rush 2 is simply stunning, with cel-righted art and colorful areas, allowing for an unlimited amount of visuals worthy of it. A lot of work goes into the mode with additions like tripod modes, poses, props, filters, and more, don’t forget to take a picture if you see something you don’t want to forget.

For those not interested in taking pictures, the photo mode is still important for fun treasure hunts. These optional online events require you to research a photo where another player grabs a treasure chest and use environmental clues to find where it was taken and get the treasure for yourself. 

Treasures are not only a joy to find but also a chance to put your own photo as a cue to other players. You can make the photo as challenging or silly as you want and you get more rewards if it helps someone find the treasure.

Explore – Gravity Rush 2

As mentioned above, the game world opens up pretty quickly starting with Chapter 2. Jirga Para Lhao is one of the most memorable cities in the game ever and explores its ups and downs with power Your gravity-defying strength is some of the most fun in the entire game.

Exploring 26 different manholes located throughout the city allows for fast travel, but it’s a disservice for the game to use them. You should try to manually fly whenever possible, as there are gems, side quests, NPCs with optional info, treasure hunts, and more scattered everywhere in the city to find.

Jumping off the highest point in the city and falling to all the slums at the bottom never gets old, as Jirga Para LHAO’s verticality provides some much-needed dike from the sometimes repetitive quests repeat. Even on a quest, it’s almost always possible to break for a while and collect gems you might not see otherwise, so don’t pass up the chance.